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Full Version: Idiocracy
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Green Baron
Mike Judge's obscure 2005 sci-fi parody:

I just saw this recently from the ol' Netflix, and loved it. It wasn't quite as hysterical for me as Office Space, but it was pretty damn funny, and an even more biting satire.

Mike Judge is a brilliant man I tell you.

I find extremely ironic that it was released under Fox, who, once they saw it, limited it's release and gave no funding for it's promotion. Guilt maybe? That, and what was almost certainly the unauthorized use of a plethora of well known modern corporate brands and logos.

For all of those reasons, I highly recommend it.
Great *idea*, bad movie.

Those who limited its release were wise to do so. The idea had great potential, but it was poorly executed. I'd give the idea five stars but the movie two.
Poorly made, hilarious and maybe spot on look at the future, I really enjoyed it.
Awful movie, as a whole, but there were some undeniable belly laughs that made it worth checking out.
Wild Bill Turkey
QUOTE(bob_chong @ Feb 9 2008, 05:45 AM) *

I'd give the idea five stars but the movie two.

Here here. The best part of the movie is the opening sequence, which explains the premise. Once the movie actually gets started, it goes sharply downhill all the way to the end.
Green Baron
Yeah, it's true that the movie didn't quite equal the sum of it's parts, but it was all the little things that really made it for me rather than the narrative as whole…"Carl's Jr.: Fuck you- I'm eating!!!™"

But then again, I've had a couple of jobs in customer service call centers where I was shocked on a daily basis by the stupidity of the average consumers (denizens of the future idiocracy seemed directly based on some of those people lol).

IPB Image
"Welcome to Costco, I love you".
Retail sales was about the same experience for me… the consumer is our food.
QUOTE(Wild Bill Turkey @ Feb 9 2008, 08:23 PM) *

Here here.

You're inadvertently emphasizing locality rather than approbation, Bill.
Wild Bill Turkey
How genteel of you. Sixela would have left me with a punctured lung for a gaffe like that.
Donnie Darko
Hear here.
except for that Dax guy the movie was unmitigated garbage from beginning to its sorry end. Not worth the time I lost watching it. poop.gif
Green Baron
Well, guess nobody liked it as much as I did…oh well. Don't listen to my recommendation then, unless you're into Mike Judge enough to take a chance on this one.
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