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Full Version: Tepes '08
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People talk about wanting a strong leader and the importance of being tough on terror. We all know he's still "alive" and just a few discrete inquiries away from taking the job. Four years from now, we'll feel sorry for the terrorists.

Tepes '08

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I'm guessing you had a few to drink? Don't feel bad, I do it all the time. Yes, I see the irony.
Great ideas are never fully appreciated in their own time. Elect some wimpy alternative at your own risk.
Jaded Prole
I've always thought there was an advantage to electing the dead but I don't know about the undead! (Though Cheney could pass).
Alice the absinthe eater
Yeah he's still around, met him a few times at parties here and there. He has a really bad Heroin problem now and that might make it hard for him to run for president.
Donnie Darko
Well, through wiping out most of the human race, he would likely solve the global warming problem. He makes similar eco-warriors like Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Gengis Khan, etc look like pussies.
Wild Bill Turkey
I don't know, you make it okay for an "acceptable" foreign-born national like Vlad to be president, then you're paving the way for characters like Schwarzenegger to take over the country.
He wasn't born here…
Perhaps he'll die here.

But is he pro-waterboarding?

Rather pro-impaling. More effective, at least in his times.
Waterboarding is overrated. I say shove their heads in the toilet till they talk.
There's no room for their heads--what, with all the Korans already stuck in there.
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