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Full Version: Absinthe Is Really Bitter
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The Green Fairy: Absinthe is Back
"It's not particularly flavorful," says Ken Fugelsang, an enology professor at California State University, Fresno, who touches on the distillation of absinthe during his wine production class. "It can be very bitter."


Add to that the elaborate way absinthe is traditionally served -- either set afire with a sugar cube or mixed with chilled water poured over a sugar cube -- and you've got an intriguing drink.


Mike Newton of Fresno has added a touch of wormwood extract to Pernod for years in an effort to create his own absinthe. "For many years, Pernod was what was left of absinthe," he says.
Hemingway's Hangover
My Christ. It's scary when "Imbibe" magazine does more research than "Time" or these idiots.
Stick a microphone in Joe Shmoe's face and this is what you get.
It's said Van Gogh was driven to cut off his ear while under its influence.

One letter makes them be the ultimate noroms™.
QUOTE(Head_prosthesis @ Feb 12 2008, 11:05 AM) *
Stick a microphone in Joe Shmoe's face and this is what you get.
Sealing the deal: Aphrodisiacs and Valentine's Day

The active ingredient in absinthe, wormwood is famous for its aphrodisiac properties. Regardless of whether or not it actually increases sex drive, the ceremony associated with absinthe certainly adds a sense of occasion to one's dinner table. (Of course, I'm only talking about legal absinthe [link to Absente website] here. There is no way that I would ever, ever suggest that you pursue illegal absinthe [link to Mary Mayans]. What's more, I would never give you a link [to] overseas stores that claim to sell the real stuff [] and ship it back to the U.S.).
if you're feeling flashy, you can try a flaming absinthe.
Donnie Darko
Note to self. Never read anything written in the "Fresno Bee". (what is that anyway, a High School newspaper?!?)
No, the 64th best selling paper in the country -- owned by The McClatchy Company.
Who also happen to own our local rag, The Bellingham Herald.

I haven't seen any assbinth reporting in it yet, but I'm keeping an eye out.
And I thought it was only your tongue that was out. Those deep-shadow casting Neanderthal brows make it difficult to discern whether your sockets are filled or not. Fortunately for us, it seems.
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