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Full Version: Topic subscription notifications
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According to my notification emails,

"There may be more replies to this topic, but only 1 email is sent per board visit for each subscribed topic. This is to limit the amount of mail that is sent to your inbox."

This is not how it's working for me, is everyone going through this? I get an email every time someone posts, whether I've been back to check the thread or not. I just deleted over 40 notifications that came in in the four hours I was out today, in only five topics. Is this because I don't ever log out or something? sleepy.gif
Don't know, never used it, turn it off,
keep checking the forum constantly like an expectant father.

10-4 Good Buddy!
Well, I thought I might try that; well, at least turn it off for awhile and see if it works right when I turn it back on. Before I could see where to turn it off, I came across this: "Subscription auto pruning is switched off at present" Sounds like it may have something to do with it? Can't see where to do anything about it though…
Give it a try, I'll look into as well.
*glares at inbox*

*scratches head*

Are you checking off the option to be notified when you get a response to a post you've made?
louched liver
I 'member this thing
bein' screwy last
I subscribed to "Administrative News
& Site Updates" back when you first
asked and it was only yesterday
that I got any kind of notification.
Granted that's not one of the more
active forums.

What forum or sections did you subscribe to?
Maybe you should PM that info to me. Otherwise,
Louched Liver will ramp up his efforts just for the hell of it.
louched liver
Um, no.

Because I care.
So you're gonna spend this afternoon
topping off every thread in every forum?

That's dedication.

louched liver
It's like spelling shit with an "x"

louched liver
No shit it is, compadre!
I just have my email preferences set to notify me when someone replies in a topic I have posted in. It's only supposed to notify me once until I visit the topic again though, regardless of how many post are made in the meantime. However, if twenty posts are made after mine, I will get twenty notifications.

One of the other forums I post in had this problem, but it was happening to everyone and they removed the subscription options for awhile until a site overhaul fixed it. But here, I'm under the impression I'm the only one it's happening to so I doubt it's the same problem they had. Also, it worked fine when I first joined up. Something screwed up at some point early on, and my subscription notifications started bouncing back to LFV, and when we got that squared away this problem started. May be related, may just be coincidence…?
Just turn the notifications off.
QUOTE(Head_prosthesis @ Mar 13 2008, 09:15 AM) *

So you're gonna spend this afternoon
topping off every thread in every forum?

That's dedication.

So glad I was around to pick up the slack after my prodigal grandson lit out for wilder pastures.

Well, I'd stay and chat, but there are threads to tag top off.

Btw, I dig that allusion to beer, Headly.

Love, "Dirty Thirty". heart.gif
But… I like notifications! Granted, right now it's bordering on too much of a good thing, but still worth it enough for me to leave them on.
louched liver
Makes ya feel
all importantatious
and such, don't it?
QUOTE(OCvertDe @ Mar 13 2008, 09:03 PM) *

But here, I'm under the impression I'm the only one it's happening to

I'm under the impression you're the only one using the notification feature.
What G&C said.
I use notifications for PMs abs-cheers.gif
QUOTE(louched liver @ Mar 13 2008, 10:05 PM) *

Makes ya feel
all importantatious
and such, don't it?

No, just makes it easier to keep up. I post on many message boards, so notifications are kind of like insurance against someone replying to my post and then waiting weeks for me to realize it. I am beginning to think G&C is right though…
louched liver
If yer only getting
around to checking
in a matter of fuckin'
weeks, it must not be
all that important, vis-
a-vis whatever super
great thing you said
that got replied too.
I can't seem to replicate whatever
problem you are having. Like my
esteemed colleagues G&C and Oxy said,
turn off any notifications you have set.

I'll continue my investigation and let you
know when it's been solved. Miss Marple
is on the scene.
louched liver
I 'member way, way
back when I turned it
on, it sent me double
emails on every post.

Just turned it off.
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