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Full Version: Vintage spoon for sale
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I am selling one of my spoons on ebay. I bought it from Kallisti a few years ago. Les Trous #25. Very nice spoon but I am moveing to an apartment the size of a milk carton.…s=tab%3DSelling

If it's too small to fit in an absinthe spoon, it really is too small.
Hard to believe:

That's like Conju selling a $100.00 bottle of booze so he can pay the rent.
Oh how could you! You'll never have that
Kallisti kissed spoon ever again! Oh no!!!

Somebody here has to keep it in the family.
I will take some pics of the apartment and you will believe me. I just cant put it under the bed or the top of my fridge. To be honest I am not certain where the bed is going to go. It does pain me to part with it but I am soon to understand what a starving artist really is. Besides one spoon is enough for me. I do not think I will be drinking much absinthe for awhile anyway.
I looked, and I thought about it. But I need booze more than I need a third spoon, even a spoon from Kallisti.
A spoon.

Something I will never need.
Sugar or no sugar, I bet you'd snatch up
this one I almost sold to Crosby years and years ago…

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szpooon aschooppmn drpi th essssssugar abyway
Dude, you shouldn't talk with your
mouth full of fried smash meat like that.
QUOTE(Head_prosthesis @ Feb 17 2008, 03:38 AM) *

fried smash meat

If that's the new words for "shit", then I'm out of date…
Valentine's Day I had Wiener (huhuh) Shnitzel for dinner.
Pretty good but it was a lot like Tonkatsu and higher priced.
Yesterday, I was looking at Absinthists flickr photos.
He had a lot of pictures of flattened breaded animals.
Looking much like Schnitzle and Tonkatsu. I was
telling Kallisti about it and she coined the term
"fried smash meats".

I wasn't sure I heard him correctly, so I figured he
was eating while posting or something.
Now, Mthulli.
"Chicken Fried Steak" that's an American term for "shit".
Donnie Darko
Extremely delicious shit, actually.

Though maybe not, last time I had one was when I was about 15, but I loved it then.
QUOTE(Head_prosthesis @ Feb 17 2008, 12:46 AM) *

Yesterday, I was looking at Absinthists flickr photos.
He had a lot of pictures of flattened breaded animals.

I am very glad you liked them, Head.
A good chicken fried steak is hard to find. The long departed Que Sera on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans had a damn fine one. With fries and gravy, too.
Donnie Darko
The last one I ate I believe was in the form of a Hardee's breakfast biscuit. Tasted like a salt block, I threw it out after 2 bites. But I had one before that at some family restaurant in Ringgold, Georgia that was really good.
I remember eating chicken fried steak, almost exclusively, at this one great dive in Austin, during a one week visit in 1980.

I can't remember the name of the place, but it was the best I've ever tasted.
I got an engram from the last CFS I
ate. I bit into it and got a big jangled
of network of arteries stuck in my teef.
And when I pulled the bite away from
my mouf I could see that it was still
hanging onto the filet like a deeply rooted

I know that's the hazard of eating meat,
but it was far to visceral a lunch sandwich.
Yesterday during the reunion party, we were having very delicious pork chop stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, very interesting connection.

I rarely eat chickens at KFC, last time I went there, the newest thing they have had was that; it was so-so. If still, beer at KFC is relatively cheap as far as Warsaw goes.
QUOTE(Head_prosthesis @ Feb 16 2008, 09:00 AM) *
Kallisti kissed spoon

What happened in Boveresse should stay in Boveresse.
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