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Mr Putin revealed his interest in history from the start of his presidency, when he restored Stalin's anthem as a national hymn. Last year he promoted a school textbook justifying Stalin's brutal rule as a necessary evil. When other ex-Soviet republics commemorate Soviet brutalities, Russia treats this as a distortion of history. This week the foreign ministry held a meeting behind closed doors on the subject of “Counteracting the falsification of history aimed against Russia: a task of national importance”.
louched liver
Russia's always Russia.

You Pole cats can sleep
ok now.


They ain't gonna
sneak over whilst
you dream of
Oh yeah, the big shiny new Amurikan radar installation will keep you safe. Oh, wait, that's to protect Europe from Iran. Sorry.
louched liver
Better be or we'll
either bomb ya or
cut off yer aid.

It's all about money
now anyway.

Wise up.
QUOTE(Tibro @ Feb 21 2008, 01:47 PM) *

Oh, wait, that's to protect Europe from Iran. Sorry.

To protect Europe, that's real kind of you Americans (considering it's not a NATO installation and all that), engaging in such a selfless act. And to think that there are some that say that you are doing it to be able to protect American bases from missile attacks from states that you go to war against. Global hegemony? Surely not?

Nevertheless, its real nice of the Poles to allow you to be able to, if necessary, fire 'anti-missiles' from their territory without their permission, hence dragging them into unwittingly into a war. I bet they feel a lot safer knowing that.
louched liver
Um, no.

Ask Walmart.
The Standard Deviant
They can always shut off the gas.
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