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louched liver
…Who's Here clock to a
more realistic time frame,
like 5 minutes, or less,
rather than 15?

louched liver
Bot pokes (not fly versions)
and Google anal rapes
and such are just interference.

Set the filter at 1-2 minutes
and fucks can see who is
really on that they might
want to PM.

set it for a week
and see your #s
Or set it an ferget it.
And it's 15 minutes. I believe
that's the default setting.
No cornspiracies here.

Now if this was a BJD forum
Threads: 142,818, Posts: 2,341,612, Members: 15,683, Active Members: 7,079

Absinthe ain't shit.
Real girls, are on doll forums.
I suppose that's where K. is hidden.
Tell her to come here and say hello from time to time.
louched liver
I always set it xort
so you could catch
whomsoever was
there w/a PM whilst
theysoever was actually

Because I love
quick feedback
to my neediness.
If it's instant gratfication you need
there's always Mrs. Palm and her
five daughters.

Mthuilli, sadly K. is spending most of
her internet and computer time working.
Kind of like working at a mall. You don't
want to be there in your off hours. She
sends her love though. *swak!*
louched liver
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