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Full Version: When did Hitler first get his silly moustache?
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I saw a funny sketch by Ricky Gervais on TV today about Hitler, Charlie Chaplin and their moustaches.

But does anyone know, did Hitler decide to shave himself that silly moustache before or after he saw his first Charlie Chaplin movie?

Seems to be only that reason. No romance, no glory, no mystery, just an order. And Charlie was the first to wear it, what he later used in his portrayal of Adenoid Hynkel in "The Dictator".
Uh-huh, isn't that always the excuse. "I vas only followink orders."
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
"Boy, Hitler sure ruined that moustache style for the rest of us, didn't he?" --Norm MacDonald
Donnie Darko
Norm MacDonald is hysterical. Whatever happened to him? Does he still do standup?

I love his whole routine about the devil telling him to kill his family, cut them up and put them in a duffle bag, so he does it, goes to meet the devil, and the devil takes off the mask and it was actually his friend Bob pulling a prank on him.
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