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Full Version: Mama Lohan calls it "art"
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Papa Lohan refuses to be caught beating off to his daughter's pics.

Frankly, she can't hold a candle to Monroe and never will. She doesn't look as much like a crack whore as she did in her mug shots, but I still think she's skank.

The pics are easily found, so I won't post a link to them.
QUOTE(Wilson @ Feb 23 2008, 06:33 AM) *

… but I still think she's skank.

I like the way you think, Castaway. abs-cheers.gif
Even drunk, I still can't understand how her mother could go with her and allow her daughter to do a nude photo shoot. Don't get me wrong. I like looking at nude women. I am just not used to having their mother's blessing. evill.gif

On a positive note, this does have more class that Britney's "free shot" pics. abs-cheers.gif
I dunno--once you've seen her wide-open beaver, titties are a regression.

Donnie Darko
She's cute, but nothing special.

Now Marion Cotillard, who won the oscar last night for La Vie en Rose? ZOWIE!
QUOTE(Donnie Darko @ Feb 25 2008, 03:55 PM) *

She's cute

For a 50 year old.
Donnie Darko
That is her audience. 11 year old girls and 50 year old men.
I'd consider that slander if I were two years younger.
QUOTE(Shabba53 @ Feb 25 2008, 04:04 PM) *

She's cute, for a 50 year old woman.

Alice the absinthe eater
I really don't get what everyone sees in her. She just seems like some trashy strung out redhead.
grey boy
who knew the Liver hooked up with Lindsey.
IPB Image
They're both LL's
QUOTE(Donnie Darko @ Feb 25 2008, 07:24 PM) *

That is her audience. 11 year old girls and 50 year old men.

QUOTE(Absomphe @ Feb 25 2008, 07:37 PM) *

I'd consider that slander if I were two years younger.

Absomphe, I had no idea that you were a 13 year old girl. blink.gif
louched liver
I miss that bathroom…
I've been accused of having the soul of a 13 year old girl, Fred, but I gave it back to her, so the judge let me off with some community service.
louched liver
I've been accused
of being into their

But I don't have a
xoe fetish.
And anyone who thinks you do, doesn't know jack.
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