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I would like to share a poem I just wrote with you all.
My time is not sacred or being wasted at all,
So frends, with out further adieu,
A poem I wrote on absinthe,
please share yours with me too!

Ode to absinthe

I adore the first, the second, the third sip.
You can feel her prescence when the drink hits your lip
All the love lost, all my life spent.
Searching for a drink with this particular scent.
Enjoying this drink comes at a particular cost.
But the satisfaction gained overwhelms what you've lost.
So lets all raise our glasses, our absinthe frappe.
And let us spend our time with the green fairy today.
There were several REEEEaly bad ones
by a guy named "ed" REEEEEaly early on...

For some reason "I" saved them.

By Ralph Pinchyboy

Absinthe, I dig you, really!
It's like, when I do a shot,
I'm smokin' a real big joint,
over at Bob's when his mom ain't home.

Your smell freaks me out
You're all cloudy
It's like seeing naked girls,
through a hole in the boys locker room.

So what, louchey Dude!
That you cost more than heroin,
As long as I get ripped;

And if, before class,
I smell like a licorice factory,
the teacher will never know.
"Rock on Chicago"

"Rock over London"

"LDF does absinthe right"

Dedicated to that one of a kind talent, in that outpatient clinic in the sky...Rock ON, Wesley Willis!!!! Zombie3.gif Zombie3.gif Zombie3.gif
That sounds like a KFC advertisement, hmmmmm blink.gif
Conju: You win a Voodoo doll! Yoou'd have to have subjected yourself to Mr. Willis to truly understand! wacko.gif
Felis Catus

That one is like a modern version of The Perfect
Beast(except I did'nt mention any poppy products
in my contribution.)

looking-up.gif sp_ike.gif laudanum.gif
Felis Catus
Mr A

I plead ignorance about Mr Willis.

Please inform.

Yours in decadence,
looking-up.gif absynthe.gif Sugar.gif fairy.gif fairy.gif wub.gif
Wesley Willis was a total nutbag who wrote the worst music and poetry ( both terms used way beyond loosely) EVER! Every one of his compostions (or most of them) would end with the refrain:

Rock on Chicago

Rock over London

(Insert commercial jingle here)

For some totally perverse reason, he garnered a lot of patronage from bored rich dowager times, who had nothing better to do with their time and money, than support this deranged, talentless, derelict!

He recently passed on, I believe from complications issuing from neglected diabetes.

Of course in my own perverse way...I dug him!!!!!!! dev.gif
Felis Catus
Did you dig his compostions,too?

Ha!Good-N-Plenty one,Don A!

Kit Kat-I dig it ,baby!
Felis Catus

Any time your cerv...oh for crying out loud, there I go again...service, that's the word...service. Damned Alzheimer's! dev.gif

Check this post again Hartsmar. You may find you were halucinating!! dev.gif harhar.gif
Felis Catus
Not Alzheimer's...Absinthism.

The First Step is admitting you have a Problem....
Felis: I see no allowance for gender has been made..nonetheless, congrats on your new status...ya bastard!!! dev.gif
Felis Catus

What happens next?

Do I have to have a sex change?

Do I have to start being really(no,reeeaally)mean?

Can I just shop 'til I drop in a high priced men's
clothing store?(I've always wondered what it
would be like to dress in drag.)

Felis Elites
Felis: Do as thou wilt, remember?
Ah, well the Lady beckons, and I must needs answer her call...another night that will open to a shifting eternity...ah Le Fougerolles!!! absynthe.gif
Felis Catus
Maybe not the sex change.Maybe not being meaner.

I promise to harm none,Green Priest.
Ah, Felis, Thou forgets that I answer to a much older pantheon!

Harming none is preferable, but not always can only hope to avoid harming, if at all possible.
Felis Catus
Yes,I forgot you enjoyed one of the final
scenes in The Wicker Man.

Please forgive if I goof this up badly-You are a
Paleolithic Pagan?Am I close ,by at least a few
millenia?I know your ways are indeed ancient.

I just go by generic Pagan,which does'nt really
fit.I suppose in reality I am more of a pantheist
than a Pagan.I have a hard time putting human
forms to the powers that(may) be.The "god"
I envision is rather nebulous.

H.P Lovecraft spooks me mightily.Some of his tales
come too close to what I feel...
You have a hard time putting human forms to the powers that (may) be?

Welcome to Paleopaganhood dear Felis...particularly the protoceltic version.

Unlike the Greeks and Romans, the Celts...and particularly the pre Celts, also had a problem assigning human forms to their "Gods" fact, there is more than some question as to whether they "worshipped" gods at all. The early celtic ( and pre Celtic myths are laden with heroes...but they were not necessarily thought of as "gods", separate and distinct from humanity... I believe that concept was outside of the framework of their reference.

Oh well, just one Paleopagan's opinion...I would love to tie this into some absinthe frame of reference to justify where this thread has meandered to, but I'm far too drowsy...oh well...
Here are a couple scribbles I did a while back:

The Sinister Butterfly

What is this poison
which seeps from my wings,
It's pungent fragrance
apparent to all but myself?
I imagined I had transcended
the pain of solitude;
transformed, inspired, aloft.
No more a worm.
But these which give me flight,
silken, shimmering veils of light,
seem deadly, forboding;
and all flee before my hideous beauty.

The Sinister Butterfly

What is this darkly shining beacon
I see surrounded by a red night of pain?
A black rose,
In a dim-lit chapel of stone;
its delicate outer petals
tattered and bruised;
the fierce thorns of its stem
an ill defense
against the wind and hail
a cruel world has tossed against it.

And now I see,
In the spring sunlight,
glowing with promise through
the stained-glass window
of this dark and lonely chapel,
glittering scarlet, cobalt and emerald.
Not the glass of the window
but jewels
upon the velvet black wings
of a sinister butterfly.

It flits and glides through the still air
its insistent wings
bejeweled shreds of dark spirit
spreading their pungent perfume
of ancient mystery and paradox.

At its approach the nectar-
closely guarded within
the untouched recesses of the rose-
begins to stir.

Really evocative and provacative. Any time I find myself rereading poetry a number of times to absorb the meaning and imagery, it comes down to one of two things:

It's either unbelievably bad, or in this case

I like it a lot. yes.gif
This is one of my favorite poems that I have written:

Personality obscure in condemned masquerade
Building confidence behind a wall of dreams
Silently watching as days go by
Laughing out loud--Yearning to cry
And burning inside me
The person who hides
In a still life suspended
Never intended
To let this life go on.

I don't know if its any good, but I like it anyway. I usually just write short, untitled pieces to help me work through my issues...of which I have many. yes.gif
(P-poem inspired by previous P-infested conversation)

brains.gif P@l3o Pappilion brains.gif
Zombie3.gif Pag@n Pappshmears Zombie3.gif

stanise.gif Pollups Perform stanise.gif
LARS!.gif Puppenshantz Plays LARS!.gif

ranting.gif Poor Poppy ranting.gif
dildollpink.gif Pink Penis dildollwhite.gif

adventure.gif Picka Packa adventure.gif
CucumberRoll.gif Pickled Peepers! CucumberRoll.gif

poop.gif Poo poo poo poo pooo!!!! poop.gif
poop.gif poop.gif poop.gif poop.gif poop.gif poop.gif poop.gif poop.gif poop.gif
Absolutely Aone Alliteration Accentuating An Arcane Array Arriving At Last At Anality. dev.gif

Way to go Headly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
QUOTE (Absomphe @ Jan 10 2004, 10:48 PM)
...there I go again...service, that's the word...sevice.

Absomphe: You're soon in the league of Mr Necessarulyt...
SEVICE? WTF is that!?
Hartsmar: Why I'm glad you asked, dude. It's a Mexican seafood dish, wherein the selected fish is minced, left uncooked, and allowed to cure in lime juice!! dev.gif

Oh... that's ceviche...guess I'm BUSTED!!!!!!!
Mexican Sushi!
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!

And that's what Iron Chef needed to really round it out.

Iron Chef Mexican!!!!!!!!!!!!! ironchef-1.gif
I doubt Felis is wanting ya at her cervix, Absomphe . . . that could make her into a serious Elitist Bitch! (Elitist Cuntmuffin? Elitist Illegitimate Woman-Child?)

As for the poetry, I have one word:

LARS!.gif ZOLOFT!! LARS!.gif
Traineraz: Aw...I don't know...could be an anmazing feeling being an elitist bitch and an elitist bastard at the same time.
That's a sensation damn too few of us get to experience! fairy.gif bobw.gif
Felis Catus

I knew my momma and poppa,and their momma's
and poppa's,and both families had geneological
charts drawn up.So,illegitimate?No.

Woman-Child?You got it,
and planning to stay that
way until I go to the grave. hula-1.gif hyper.gif Tombstone.gif

Cheers! absintheglass.gif cocktail2.gif

looking-up.gif Kitten-Cat
Felis Catus
I doth truly love thy outpouring of true feeling
in poetic form which hath poured forth from thy forum members hearts and minds!

heart.gif fairy.gif torch.gif wub.gif Bat1.gif censored2.gif euro.gif madonna2.gif wormwood.gif anise.gif cocktail1.gif queen_vic2.gif absintheglass.gif
Felis Catus

Dein gedicht ist hubsch DaDa!
Felis: Ah how that language doth floweth of the 40 grit sandpaper!! dev.gif
Felis Catus

Thanks hartsmar for the translation site!

dev.gif looking-up.gif
Unser Leben geht dahin wie ein Geschwätz. Link this to the Dowson photo! wink.gif
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