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Full Version: SF Chronicle: Green is the new black
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In today's wine section of the SF Chronicle:
Hawking the green fairy: Will absinthe outlive its 15 minutes?

and yesterday:
Absinthe Brasserie & Bar

also today:
stupid absinthe lollipops
Decent article, though he got the Mansinthe crap on in there.
and I'm sure we're all thrilled to learn that La Fée, "the only recipe authenticated by madame Marie-Claude Delahaye" is expected to "hit New York by spring"…
I am just hoping that Duplais Balance is one of the brands looking to gain approval. Maybe we could get that in with a decent price and cause some competition.
louched liver
I've been "hawking" some
Kubler today.

An anus bomb and sinus
trouble don't mix, except
in the loo.
QUOTE(Spoon @ Mar 21 2008, 10:07 AM) *

and I'm sure we're all thrilled to learn that La Fée, "the only recipe authenticated by madame Marie-Claude Delahaye" is expected to "hit New York by spring"…

La Pee-the official absinthe of another controversial musician: Michael Jackson shock.gif
That would be le pee-pee of the wee set.
louched liver
QUOTE(Patlow @ Mar 21 2008, 10:51 AM) *
… he got the Mansinthe crap on in there.

er, he's a she, and that's not the absinthe talkin'…wink.gif

pretty fair article (can't say wrt the author), not looking forward to mcd-approved garbage making it over here, but if there's room for Midori behind the bar…
Indeed. Yup.
QUOTE(Spoon @ Mar 21 2008, 02:07 PM) *

and I'm sure we're all thrilled to learn that La Fée, "the only recipe authenticated by madame Marie-Claude Delahaye" is expected to "hit New York by spring"…

It happens to be spring (technically). Thankfully, no La Fée.

If it actually hits New York, wouldn't that be a terrorist attack and grounds for revocation of their import license?

The best thing for sales of Lucid will be La Fée.

Jaded Prole
Not if it sells for about a third of the price. $20.00 would be fair for a bottle of La Fée.
For 1 litre sounds reasonable. It would be cheaper than Apsinthion here (same class, less alcohol).
The Standard Deviant
La Fée is actually absinthe though.
By its standard, Apsinthion unfortunately is, if both aren't worth a cent/penny/dime.
Currently La Fée Parisienne 68% abv 70 cl sells for £34 (about $67). Perhaps other places have it cheaper.

Sorry friend Prole, you won't be able to stock your cabinet with $20/liter La Fée. A crushing blow I know, but alas it is so.
Jaded Prole
A hard blow, I guess I'll have to suffer without it.

louched liver
Any blow is a
good blow.
Even the ones that suck.
QUOTE(Tibro @ Mar 23 2008, 02:15 AM) *


You misspelled 'especially'.
ISn't blowinga baiaut suckinga nyhow?
Also a nice glossy pull out in the Eastbay Express.…tent?oid=665090
Too much. Fortunately, bno la p[ee proffittering adverysts.
The article I posted mentions an absinthe party thrower, a raid, and confiscated absinthe equaling some ten thousand dollars. The ABC realized that 10gs worth of hills and la fee was more of a burden than booty and quickly returned the absinth to its rightful owner.
I hate putting on airs to get drunk on shitty wares improperly served. Oh is my corset tight enough, is my eyeliner dark enough, am I cool enough? Who fucking cares? How about a party in SF with GOOD absinthe.
I have friends in SF, I will come. (edited 3 times fer clarity().

And define GOOOD a sinthe. whatever theat absinthe is.
Have a sleep Tits.
Sober peole are noty allowed tp speal. realky
QUOTE(Mistinguett @ Mar 24 2008, 12:41 PM) *
How about a party in SF with GOOD absinthe.

last one I did was 11/06, next one possibly June-- SF area folks, please email if interested in helping. Might coincide w/Boveresse since I can't make it…

fwiw I went to one of Paul's parties and as soon as I entered the room, I saw absinthe burning. I paid $12 for 1.0 oz of PF1901 in the shittiest quality, smallest plastic cup possible. I was told they take herbs out of the still to color the absinthe. And I heard Paul refer to "that Ted guy." Good magic and yoyo shows though.
QUOTE(salsa @ Mar 24 2008, 09:28 PM) *

Good yoyo show though.

Kind of sums it up, I suppose.
louched liver
Um, yo, no…
Donnie Darko
A yo-yo with a yo-yo serving flaming absinthe? Oh no!
woah, just got a note about Paul's latest party press release-- too good not to share:

From Chicken John:
After reading Paul Nathans' write up for his Absinthe party, I just wanna crawl under a rock and die. He has described his party as:

"a monthly post-urban bonfire underworld welding the wild
splendor of the old country with the throbbing fervor of tomorrow,
where the rare-era garb of neo-burlesque flirts with newfangled
frolic and krypto-green libations fuel red-hot abandon on the dance
floor. Dare to dress up and come share a glass of the green fairy
with some of San Francisco's most licentious dandies and demimondes. "

Fuck me. Did he have to use the word 'licentious'? I thought only college kids used that word in arguements.

Anyway, I was gonna remind you guys that I'm doing a dinner tonight for Cindy Sheehan, the lady who's kid got killed in Iraq and she went camping about it. So I am. But I'm not going to describe it. Because Paul Nathan has ruined describing things today.

I was also going to remind you that we are going to take the bus to the nature this Saturday. But please RSVP. Meet at the Chez Poulet at 9:00 AM, be back in 12 hours. Donation.

I hope Paul's party is pulchritudinous.

Bring it Salsa. I'm down to help. pulchritudinous. That whole paragraph makes me want to barf. Except the throbbing fervor part. That just makes me horney.
louched liver
Save it for August,
relief is cumming.
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