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Full Version: Baltimore Sun "The fairy awakens"
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* FIRE?!

* Where's the Magnan?

* Absinthe did not "spawn… a disease"

* "hallucinogenic fairy tale"?!

* Hiram? Oh jeez…

* Kubler's marketing schtick with nearly naked folks prancing around with wings is interesting.. a little too gay/Burning Man for me, but I've got no problem with people associating absinthe with disrobing…tongue.gif
I describe it as opening up with black licorice and then going very quickly to a light citrus-y musty taste and then a grassy, very herbaceous thing with sort of a menthol cooling effect on your palate and ending with a real pleasant numbing sensation,

Nice description of a long puke.
Hey, Salsa.
Don't give "gay" a bad name.

Or you might be snuffin' for a Cuffin'™.
I just meant the fairy guy seemed happy! Silly modern usage-- I meant no offense… interesting mix of beefcake and cheesecake…?

It's just trange absinthe theatre, that's all.
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