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Full Version: SE Asia Boozing Recs
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I'll be spending a few weeks in Singapore and wonder if anybody can recommend great bars or sites or favorite food spots. A search turned up a comment on Alan's blog saying Singapore doesn't allow absinthe, but is there a place to get a legitimate Singapore sling in Singapore?

Other SE Asian recs appreciated too-- there's alot within an hour's flight. Any good absinthe bars in that part of the world, or interesting distilleries?

Thanks in advance-- UNrecommendations appreciated as well!

Not that I'm recommending it, and I don't know if Don serves absinthe, but there's always Chateau Jade. Bangkok is only 833 miles from Singapore. harhar.gif
haha-- made me click! NSFW!!!
Sorry, I forgot to put that. I forget that not everyone knows what that is!
Odd, where I am that constitutes completely work-safe content.
I had the best Singapore Sling in my life in Raffles, Singapore, in 1986. This wonderful hotel is where it originated and sitting downstairs in the old colonial Long Bar on a hot evening with a Sling was wonderful.

I had the worst Singapore Sling in my life in Raffles, Singapore, in 2001. This formerly wonderful hotel is where it originated but sitting upstairs in the new tacky Long Bar with peanut shells on the floor and drinking a Sling dispensed from a pre-mix machine was terrible.

I believe you can now get some absinthes in Singapore, but not many. Liquor taxes are quite high locally. Make the most of the local food specialities instead - durian, drunken prawns etc.

The night life in Singapore is OK, but some people find it a bit touristy and expat-focused. I'd recommend at least a weekend in Kuala Lumpur (a 50 minute flight).

I'm in Singapore too - mid-May. Email me if our trips coincide.
louched liver
I'd recommend a Singapore
Sling 'round yer windpipe,

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Good question would be: where the fuck hasn't he been?
louched liver
Xipping me free booze
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