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Full Version: Black Bowmore 1964
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I have it in stock. Wanna sample some? Email or call me.gif
Leave it to Oxy.

For me, I just don't think it would taste quite as incredibleas did at $56 for a generous shot.

For those who are single malt devotees, and haven't been spoiled by its magnificence, I'd say don't let this opportunity pass you buy.

Oh come on Absomphe, you were what, 78 years old in 1964. You've had this one before - let others get a chance now eh?
I was talkin' about after it had a chance to age some.

Like when I was 112 in 1998.
ahhh... but $56 in 1998 would be about $428.95 today.

At least.

And then there's that little rarity factor, considering that there's only one cask left.

I guess that should give Oxy plenty of justifiable leeway for a hefty markup. evill.gif
QUOTE(hartsmar @ Apr 11 2008, 09:46 AM) *

ahhh… but $56 in 1998 would be about $428.95 today.

Which is about 100 Euro… Goddamn summer European vacation is killing me!!! I might ditch after Bov. for Morocco…
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