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Full Version: Greetings from the Maine Coast
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Hey, Folks. . .

I've finally given in to the mystique of absinthe and have my first bottle of the stuff (St. George Absinthe Verte) due to arrive on Tax Day. And no, the timing is not a coincidence.

What else should I be picking up online so that my first experience with the stuff is done right? I'm guessing a fresh Dixie Cup, a plastic Spork and tap water may not be optimal. You're only a virgin once, right?

St. George packs a nice herbal(basil)/anise bomb punch however, most here may mock you for drinking it. St. George was my first introduction to absinthe and I thrived on it before trying Lucid (save your money). I still like St. George for its unique non-traditional absinthe like character.

Personally, I recommend a bulk shipment from Absinthe Classics to lower shipping costs and grabbing some Doubs Mystique, Brevans and Duplais… maybe a bottle of Edouard 72 (haven't tried it yet). 1901 was a disappointment for the money… but that's my opinion.

Welcome abs-cheers.gif
QUOTE(Nephrite @ Apr 12 2008, 05:03 AM) *
I recommend a bulk shipment from Absinthe Classics to lower shipping costs and grabbing some Doubs Mystique, Brevans and Duplais… maybe a bottle of Edouard 72 (haven't tried it yet). 1901 was a disappointment for the money… but that's my opinion.

Thanks for the welcome and the advice. I went ahead and ordered the Brevans (2 bottles) and the Duplais (1), just to give me an additional two styles for comparison. I'll try a bottle of the Doubs Mystique the next go around, along with the Belle Amie (when available) and the Edouard 72. It looks like given the painful shipping costs, that it's going to be best to explore in threes :)




Yes. The shipping costs are terrible and the dollar doing belly flops in the Atlantic makes it worse each week. We now have a few newer absinthes making their way to our shores legally, and hopefully soon.

Kubler = La Bleue (clear) has already arrived and can be had from with no shipping on orders over $99.99. This one is O.K.. At least it is real absinthe.

Lucid = a Verte (green) can be had from the same store. This one is also O.K., although some of us are not so sure how real it is.

La Fee Parisian = Glow in the dark green, should be available very soon. Don't waste your time on this one. However, it is real absinthe. Just not very good.

Duplais Verte = Green. Supposedly had to take a label change to get here and if it is the same as what we have been drinking, it is very good stuff. Has a silver medal. Arriving soon.

Mansinthe = Verte. Has a gold medal, but I have not tried it yet. Looking forward to getting a bottle of this. Arriving soon.

Vieux Pontarlier = Verte. Is a double gold medal winner and should be good. I am drooling in anticipation of getting my hands on some of this. Arriving soon.
louched liver
Mansinthe's better'n Lucid.

And much greener.
And not in an
environmental sense.
Jaded Prole
Welcome and if you don't like the St. George, take heart -- it isn't really like anything else and apparently better is on the way.
QUOTE(Meticulum @ Apr 12 2008, 01:05 AM) *

(St. George Absinthe Verte)

Not really absinthe, IMO, but you may find it interesting as a quirky alcoholic beverage.

Welcome! abs-cheers.gif
Thanks for the hellos and all of the feedback so far. I spent some time earlier today reading reviews on here of the tons of different styles of absinthe and switched my order to three bottles of the Doubs Mystique Carte d'Or. Also picked up a reservoir glass and spoon. I'm glad I've got the St. George on the way though just for comparison's sake.

This is a fascinating little world. I love the damn history and mystery behind absinthe and absinthiana and the ritual aspect of it all. It's like spending 3 hours at High Mass without the guilt or your ass falling asleep on a hard pew. w00t2.gif

I've attached pics of the other stuff I picked up today, too. I'm guessing there may be an opinion or two about my choices on here . . .

What I don't understand is why ordering 3 bottles of the Mystique instead of 3 different bottles to educate your palate?

The Alandia sugar cubes are terrible, they just don't melt correctly.
QUOTE(mthuilli @ Apr 12 2008, 06:00 PM) *
What I don't understand is why ordering 3 bottles of the Mystique instead of 3 different bottles to educate your palate?

The Alandia sugar cubes are terrible, they just don't melt correctly.

Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it.

Regarding the Mystique---I've got years to educate my palate. It was OCVertDe's review of the Mystique on this site however that had me rethink my original order. In particular, this:

"I cannot say enough about how much I love [Doubs Mystique Carte d'Or]. This is the first absinthe I've ever considered buying in bulk, and I intend to. Until further notice, this is my favorite libation bar none. I'm not sure it can be improved upon, and I won't be disappointed if I ever discover this is as good as it gets. My only complaint is that I have six other different bottles of absinthe on my counter, and all I want to drink is this."

Sure, it' s just one reviewers's totally subjective opinion. But I weighed all of the reviews for the Mystique with the reviews for the Brevans and the Duplais Verte that comprised my original order. I'll simply try these other two at a later date. I've got time.

Thanks for the info about the sugar. I also picked up 2 kilos of Comptoire du Sud sugar cubes--white, of course--just in case the Alandia was gimmicky. I believe Saint Louis (in France) has been producing these under the name Comptoire du Sud since the mid 1800's. The sugar is imported from Mauritius, the cubes look wonderfully irregular and supposedly don't have any kind of odd aftertaste that you often find with generic sugar cubes. Sugar.gif

louched liver
Dominos' Dots.

Dixie Crystals.
Sans sucre.
QUOTE(G&C @ Apr 12 2008, 04:26 PM) *

Sans sucre.

The only way.

---Tish looking-up.gif
louched liver
I'm only tryin' to save
the starry orbed
Newbian SOME money.

They be droppin' it
like road salt.
I may be shouting sans sucre at some point too. We'll see.

You won't need sugar if you like scotch however, your guests may appreciate it. I find sugar masks some of the finer herbal notes… as well as the wormwood.

Appears wormwood was used to give absinthe a longer shelf life and to aid digestion. Anethole on the other hand has a more interesting history.
And some people think it does just the opposite. Keep an open mind, try it both ways, and make up your own mind. The brands LL mentioned work just fine. It seems you're starting out at the higher end of the quality scale, so you probably won't end up needing it for long, if at all, but it's good to have on hand especially if you end up with some Lucid some day and want to round out and blend some of the flavors.
QUOTE(mthuilli @ Apr 13 2008, 01:00 AM) *

What I don't understand is why ordering 3 bottles of the Mystique instead of 3 different bottles to educate your palate?

Note to self: Delete Mthuilli from "Friends" and "VIP" categories in Blackberry address book.
Note to Oxy: add OCD in their place for the business he is drumming up.

Welcome Meticulum! (great name BTW, what do you do if I may ask?)

I don't mean this to discourage you in any way, in fact, I'm surprised no one has brought it up yet- but I'm relatively new and was criticized a bit for my gushing review of the Mystique. Don't get me wrong, I stand behind it; but your taste and mine may not end up on the same page.

I do intend to buy as much Mystique as I can afford all at once, but I've tried it- and I still won't do it until I've tried everything else I'm interested in. Buying them in a variety is sound advice, both for expediently educating your palate and for insurance against a regrettable choice.

When I first started posting here, some of the best advice I got was "review the reviewer" and I find myself repeating it a lot. If you try the alleged favorites of three different reviewers who are actively trying and scoring absinthe, you will find who's assessments you agree with… and who's you don't. It will help in future decisions on what to try and what to avoid. Right now you've made a big investment based primarily on one persons taste and you don't yet know if my opinions are valid for you. You'll know soon enough! And I hope you're pleased, because if you're disappointed in Mystique, I may feel obligated to hunt you down and pummel you with the empty bottle.

Regardless, enjoy- and welcome to the world of absinthe! If you don't like the Mystique, you probably won't be here long. We may not all think it's the best, but we pretty much agree it's among the best now available. Cheers! abs-cheers.gif
louched liver
Another big block of
werdz from OCD.

Anyway, most everyone
wants to sugar drip when
they start and it's for the
right reason-To get the
full fun outtah fairy fuckin'.

No harm.
…no foul."
louched liver
Shorten that up
a bit and yer
gettin' there.
blink.gif frusty.gif
louched liver

Terserer ain't always betterer.
louched liver
Conciserer sometimes is however.

I just suck at it.
Epiphanies can be good, too.
Nah… I've known that for years.

Thanks for the note.

My decision to start with the Mystique was the result of having read all of the reviews on here both for it, as well as for about a dozen others. I could just as easily have gone the route of the Duplais Balance, if the @)(*&#^ shipping weren't so astronomical out of LAD; or Jade Edouard, or the Belle Amie if it were available. Your review got me thinking about the possibility of ending up with a shelf full of really crappy stuff if I just started choosing brands on the basis of the pretty bottle or the green cat eyes. Of course, I need to try a lot of different kinds to see what I prefer the best, but I thought I'd start out with something reviewed favorably on here just to minimize the possibility of making a bunch of bad choices, concluding that it all tastes like 140 proof Nyquil and never touching absinthe again. [There are some pretty damn hysterical reviews on here for the swill coming out of the Czech republic.] I do have that bottle of St. George showing up in another day or two, so I've already got something a little off-the-beaten-path and controversial to start with.

Regarding Meticulum, I'm a headhunter 9-to-5 and manage a young fruit orchard the rest of my waking hours. I needed a name for the search practice that connoted a meticulous approach to the work that I do, but I've discovered over time that the name also dredges up bad memories for a number of women who've had pelvic exams with frigid medical instruments. I tried a bunch of Latin endings and just went with the -um.

No worries by the way about your tendency toward verbosity. I clearly do it myself. shock.gif

QUOTE(Meticulum @ Apr 13 2008, 08:17 PM) *

a number of women who've had pelvic exams with frigid medical instruments.

Sounds like a fruitful topic for the Louchedlounge.
Cool then. Glad you could join us!
My instrument still isn't frigid.
As long as it's rigid…
I heard that if it remains in that state too long it might turn black and crumbly all of a sudden.
louched liver
I'm a dick that's
been in the state
of Florida too long and
I'm still white and flaky.
Someone needs to put this thread out of its misery.
Jaded Prole
I'm still wondering about being "a headhunter" . . .
That he also manages a young fruit didn't seem a little, ah, special to you?
I feel like someone just flipped the channel to a Beavis & Butthead reunion.

Heh. He said head. He said fruit. Heh. Heh.

Tibro, no offense, but are you missing a chromosome or something?

louched liver
oh boy
William Allen Black
louched liver
The weepy sWAB
is back from the
William Allen Black
Just passin by.

New product announcement, though:
Liversinth. Bury the Fairy™.


louched liver
Bury it up yer ass.
Suddenly, I feel the need to take a huge dump. Be right back.
louched liver
Well, enjoy that,
but I was xit-chatting
w/the sqWAB.
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