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Full Version: Big Gay Scott's Absenteria in the NYT
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In today's New York Times, a feature about the bar in Barcelona that Peter once amusingly described as "Big Gay Scott's Absenteria".
Jaded Prole
It’s a little hard to believe that the bar’s many customers actually like the acrid anise-flavored taste . . .

It's hard to believe anyone could write something that stupid, I wonder what he tried.
According to Peter, there was only one choice, supposedly made by BGS himself, but tasting a lot like Lasala. Acrid is not far from the mark for Lasala.
Sometimes I get a bit nostalgic for that Lemon Pledge™ tang, though.

Sadly, I hear it no longer resonates with such "goodness", these days.
it might have been montana, but i had never tasted it at that time, to be able to make a comparison.
i went back, about a year and a half ago, but didn't make any attempt to speak to BGS. as far as i know, it is the single most 'important' absinthe bar in spain…for whatever that is worth…
From the photos in the NYT article, I'm pretty sure that couldn't be Montana, because the louche is too opaque for Montana. I do still have a bit of nostalgia for Montana, and would like to taste it again.
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