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Full Version: San Diego Union Tribune
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article in the San Diego Union Tribune
Dominik Miller, spokesman for Century, one of the notorious high-thujone absinthes from the Czech Republic, calls Breaux and his team “thujone denialists.”

historian Jad Adams, whose book “Hideous Absinthe: A History of the Devil in a Bottle” was published last week, said from his home in Greece, “Absinthe certainly does have psychoactive effects. Otherwise, why bother banning it?”


Jad Adams, ever the in-depth researcher, and master logician. cdog-plain.gif
Dr. O, spokesman for Century, one of the notorious high-chop.gif absinthes from the Czech Republic, calls Breaux and his team “chop.gif denialists.”
Jaded Prole
Science has put that to rest though the bitter truth is that true believers will never accept it.
I guess you can't blame them for wanting it to be true.
The Roanoke Times gets it (mostly) right.
Suppose I told you that I saw gasoline for 99 cents a gallon today. You would probably think that I was hallucinating from tasting absinthe while researching this article. But just like my 99 cent gasoline, absinthe's psychotropic reputation is a myth based on cloudy history.

Poke Salad Papa
I'm looking for the dream effects of the wet kind. w00t2.gif
Thuj0ne Denialists! I just can't get over that one! You have to admit, that's pretty good, it smacks of 'Holocaust Denier", kind of an anti-semitic ring to it.
Its premium counterpart, Jade, distilled by Breaux personally and awaiting U.S. approval, has a lighter, bouncier flavor

I wonder which Jade he's talking about? But who cares? abs-cheers.gif
Huh, I didn't even see that. I guess it's good to have you people read these things for me!

Which Jade? Can't be the NO because that's an amer (<35 ppm). But I would be very happy for any of the Jades to be available in the U.S.
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