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Full Version: France to lift absinthe ban 70 years ago
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From the New York Times, Aug 16, 1934 comes this litte bit of info.

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Now, I haven't yet found more reliable info on this but maybe one of you french people have easier ways to find out more... Mthuilli, Heure Verte...

It's quite interesting since only a few years later some rather heavy restrictions were put on the sale and manufacture of anise spirits.
Jaded Prole
"Only a few years later" would make the Vichey government (a German puppet) responsible for the more restrictive laws. The Nazis probably saw absinthe as part of the decadence they rose in reaction to.
Yes. If I recall correctly in 1937 or 1938 the maximum alcohol level of pastis was raised from 40 to 45%. Then in 1940 pastis (or more exactly any aperitif with an alcohol content above 16%) is prohibited.
Absomphe, can you help us out here buddy? Do you remember what happened? wink.gif
I was too busy trippin'balz™ on my pre-ban stash, back in the day, Patlow.

Perhaps Poke Salad Papa could shed some light on this mystery, Patlow.
Just say it once more!

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