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Full Version: New Orleans Jazz Fest
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I'll be there for the 2nd weekend. May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Anyone else going? Any absinthe related stops I should make?
If not then maybe we can create some conditions for various stops in the future wink.gif

Please let us know what you discover in your travels!

If I'm being to cryptic, PM me.
Impossible to PM someone who has either turned off their option to receive such messages or their box is full.
Cleared some of my PMs and I can supply a link to another form of communication if requested.
Jazz Fest was great, compliments to The Bad Plus for the best performance of the weekend. Also made a stop by The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street to see that Lucid is now being served for $15 a drink. I orderd one for myself and one for a friend and to my horror the bartender light the damn thing on fire.
This fire ritual has got to be stopped. It is to the point that even bartenders at The Old Absinthe House (who should know better) are using it on real absinthe. That's just fucked up.

Next thing you know, some bartender will burn a whole bar down while it is packed with people and get absinthe banned for the wrong reason. (Again)
Blame it on that damned "Cocktail".

Ever since bottle juggling became one of the earmarks of top notch bartending, they're always looking for a new gimmick.

As far as I'm concerned, fine libation stocking, and proper drink preparation are the only criteria a bartender should be concerned with.
Proper preparation is easy.
Absinthe, arak: Pour in glass. Slowly add cold water. Drink.
Other booze: Pour in glass. Drink.
Beer: Pour in glass. Eat.
Unfortunately I didn't even bother to correct the female bartender, as the place was packed and incredibly noisy. We finished our overpriced burnt absinthe rather quickly and left.
Perhaps we need to start rating bars, bistros and restaurants serving absinthe on a scale of 1-5 over the Internet.
Perhaps don't buy absinthe in a bar.
Poke Salad Papa
Just mailed Rene in N.O. and ask if they could put a bug in someones ear about burning the absinthe, maybe someone will listen to him.
The frat boys don't want to hear that, so they aren't listening. They want to believe the T-Jone hype. Besides, setting yourself on fire is exciting on a Saturday night.
Poke Salad Papa
I hear ya , just thought it was worth a try.
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