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Full Version: Hi Absinthuers
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hello i'm jean marie, i'm 19 years old and live in a tiny country called Malta. it is a very nice country but it lacks absinthe culture !!

i heard of absinthe about 2 years ago and from then on i never stopped looking back. well at first i believed in the myths and then after some more research you get to now of all the wrong information is given about absinthe. i first drank Xenta (i know its not absinthe) but they only had that. more over the barmen gave me the absinth in a shot glass and i asked him if he had an absinthe spoon and sugar for the czech method (at that time i only knew about that method) but he said no and i had to take the shot. i really don't remember how it tasted but i wanted to take a proper absinthe drink!

it happened a few months later when i went to italy but again the absinthe was some sort of surrogate. but at least i got an absinthe glass from the pub!!

in san marino i bought a bottle of a vivid green absinthe but i think it is not a real absinthe again :-(
at least i made the ritual at home and tasted the difference from the czech and the original method. the original is way too better!!

i never drank a real absinthe and in malta there is only absinthe 80 which is not an absinthe in my opinion.

i would to know if there are absinthe lovers in my country because all those who i know that take absinthe like the "Bottled octopus vomit with lemon balm scent."- from the absinthe buyers' guide!

if you know any maltese tell me maybe we get to know! btw Malta is in EU not in USA


It looks like the only way for you to get the real thing is to order it and have it shipped to you. In fact, this is a good way, and you are not limited by anything other than the amount of cash you are willing to spend.

On the cheaper end, I highly recommend Duplais Balance as a starting point.
I also recommend the Duplais line to start, or if you have more to spend, Doubs Mystique. Our own Absinthe Classics is a highly recommended outlet, as is Liqueurs de France.
And definitely check out Belle Amie batch number 2, when it's released later this year.

Welcome! abs-cheers.gif
yep i read aboat this new abstinhe and seems that everyone is recomending it.

i need to find someone that wants to buy a bottle with me because like that the shipping would be cheaper, but in malta seems everyone likes to drink window cleaning liquid hehe
Welcome. Why is it that Malta always has ballads entered in the Eurovision Song Contest?
Don't tell me you're watching the Eurovision!!!
HA HA HA HA! I was kinda waiting for that one.
No, usually I don't. I hate that sort of shows, but for some strange reason, in Sweden at least, this is the kind of show that "no one watches" and yet it gets higher and higher ratings each year... hmmmm.
Here is our "winner" this year:
IPB Image

His video clip is not that bad though :
The Standard Deviant
Have you heard today's revelation that Franco may have rigged Eurovision 1968 by bribing judges? (and stealing the prize from Cliff Richard!),,2278069,00.html
Father Ted's song for Eurovision: "My Lovely Horse"!

version 1

version 2
QUOTE(mthuilli @ May 6 2008, 01:47 PM) *

Here is our "winner" this year:
IPB Image

His video clip is not that bad though :

So, is Sebastien Tellier actually Jean-Michel Jarre's real name, or is that the other way around?

EDIT: Whoa! That song you linked to wasn't the one entered in the Eurovision! Still not half as bad as much else!
Oh and... Here's our "winner"...

...she does look a little better than that Sebastien though.

Now, can be let this go? HA HA
Eurovision is fun. Really. With friends. And a lot of beer.
I've had some damn good parties watching Eurovision, especially when playing this game

Oh, by the way, welcome Gamri abs-cheers.gif
And the best performance ever was this one!

Simply amazing.
well i don't know why malta always present a ballad. i think because the only singers and writers that like eurovision are those that write and sing ballads!!

this year the song will be called VODKA and some eurovision critic said “Ah, the irresponsible booze song. Vodka is actually the first irresponsible Eurovision booze song since Denmark’s I’m Shitfaced On Pikey Cider in 1978, so congratulations to Malta for that."

maybe this time we will go better but i doubt it

by the way i don;t like the eurovision but its fun to mock the song but this year you cannot mock the lyrics becaused they are already making no sense haha

PS. if you know maltese in the forum tell me about them 10x

Vodka – that’s the secret word
Vodka – and they want it so bad
Vodka – I’ve deciphered the code
Got a rush in the head
Vodka – a transparent word

QUOTE(hartsmar @ May 7 2008, 06:47 AM) *

…she does look a little better than that Sebastien though.

Surely she does, but I couldn't watch for more than 20 seconds, that song is so shitty.

QUOTE(dom_lochet @ May 7 2008, 08:21 AM) *

And the best performance ever was this one!

Oh boy! Scary.
QUOTE(mthuilli @ May 7 2008, 11:38 PM) *

that song is so shitty.

Isn't that the Eurovision's norm every song to be shitty?
Conte d'Ugenta
Welcome Gamri,
don't know if you speak italian, but lookin for another maltese here is just like "cercare un ago in un pagliaio"
The Standard Deviant
"Looking for a needle in a haystack" is the English expression.
Conte d'Ugenta
QUOTE(The Standard Deviant @ May 9 2008, 02:02 AM) *

"Looking for a needle in a haystack" is the English expression.


la versione in italiano mi piace di piu' tongue.gif

i like more the italian version!

hmm that is bad but well la speranza é l'ultima a morire
maybe i will find one in here, who knows.

but thanks for the reply.
and thank you all for the welcome abs-cheers.gif
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