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Full Version: Naked and high on absinthe in a glass elevator
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Mikkey Dee "went nuts".

Bruno Rygseck
I vaguely remember that Motrhead started to use '' (the o umlaut) in their name after being thrown into custody after a gig/riot/something in Finland, late '70s or early '80s. Nothing to do with absinthe, just wanted to share.

I remember Motrhead from the 80's, they were great, haven't checked what they've been doing recently though.
They should have better tasted the czech stunners instead of their crapsinth.
There's a saying in Walloon: "Qun on n's n bwre, on mougne des boubounes", which roughly translates to "If you can't stand alcohol, eat candies".
It does give credit to the weird dreamz and xit.
QUOTE(dom_lochet @ May 6 2008, 11:45 PM) *

Qun on n's n bwre, on mougne des boubounes

Yeah, I know. Walloon isn't meant to be written.
No shit. Looks like absinthist wrote it.
"Kto nie umie pić, lepiej mu cukierki żryć"

Thass the way absinthist would have formulated that idea, AFAIK harhar.gif
The Standard Deviant
If you can't stand vintage absinthe, eat candles. Or sealing wax. . .
Your translation of Wallonian version? Cruel.
The Standard Deviant
No, that would be "They who cannot drink beer, should eat baboons."
Drink beer? shock.gif Talking of eating, are baboons edible?
Of course they are. Didn't you see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?
The best part of its body, you mean
I know they're lovable...
Biblically speaking?
Hey, it's a Monkey. Not Donkey. Did you see Jeebus ride on in on a Baboon?
FYI Marc, Motorhead is still touring and bad as hell. But Lemmys mole is so METAL that it formed it's own band MOLERHEAD.Click to view attachment
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