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Full Version: Helsingin Sanomat May 20th, 2008
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Bruno Rygseck
Today's Helsingin Sanomat, our largest newspaper, quotes the Chemical Composition of Vintage Preban Absinthes study quite correctly. However, they could have been clearer about the age of the bottles -- one could be lead to think that modern absinthes were used in the study instead.…a/1135236480540

(in Finnish only, sorry)

And, of course, the illustration in HS's web version could be better… In the printed newspaper there is a picture from an old anti-absinthe propaganda poster.

The Standard Deviant
Perhaps you could offer to send them a replacement, royalty free. No doubt they wouldn't care.
Bruno Rygseck

One day there was an article about mandatory battery recycling that will come this year, with a picture of alkaline batteries leaking "battery acid" as the text said. So I did not expect much when I saw the absinthe article.

Mandatory battery recycling?!
Fuck - you guys have gone beyond Sweden!
Bruno Rygseck
Yup. And the people making these laws and decisions cannot differentiate between things like acid and alkaline, either. Maybe because they only read about such stuff from newspapers.
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