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Full Version: Hangover poem…
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My head
it hurts
Blow me
Next time
Don't eat

Haiku for a Wounded Beer Eater

What the Grimster said.
Is Ned's Daddy yours today?
Drink absinthe instead.
I am after rakija and one wormwoody clone
My head is still sober
Whereas liver's gone

I am sipping tea
From a huge glass
Tis a nice remedy

I am not complaining
I am not as usual bitter
Though, I won't refrain
Coz me is Titter

Hangover shall be shared
To feel the pain of friends
So I am with ya, G&C
Hopefully, hangover soon ends

So you shall commence to drinking
And switch from waer™ to booze
That notion can't be neglected
So says acquintance of Lautrec-Toulouse

QUOTE(absinthist @ May 25 2008, 10:14 AM) *

Whereas liver's gone

Butt not forgotten
Heel be back
Prolly just off
Smokin' crack

Sorry, Peeps
I take it back.
QUOTE(absinthist @ May 25 2008, 07:14 PM) *

To feel the pain of friends
So I am with ya, G&C

A dose of penicillin
You've shared mere STD's.
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