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Full Version: Hi from an Aussie
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Well, I've been lurking for about a week now, and thought it's time I introduced myself.

My name is Japh, I'm from Australia. I've been interested in absinthe since I first heard of it about 8 years ago, only fairly passively though, til now.

I had heard of this amazing drink that used to be drunk by some of my favourite writters back in the day, and that it had hallucinogenic properties. I was pretty skeptical right from the start so I decided to look a bit deeper.

Where I'm from (Tasmania) it was fairly hard to come by and if available in a bar was usually served as a shooter. Once I had tried it, I decided the rumours were decidedly exaggerated, and that the drink was too strong and required some dilution. I basically left it there for quite some time, til now…

I've been travelling around europe for the last 9 weeks, one of my stops was Prague and The Green Fairy (or her artificially dyed cousin!) is on sale everywhere. So I asked how you're supposed to serve it (as they had spoons there, which I'd never seen before)… they told me, so next chance I got, I tried it served that way. But this still didn't sit right… the fire was too overtly pretentious, and the drink still needed some heavy dilution (if not perhaps 10 tablespoons of sugar) to be palatable.

Anyway, I wasn't satisfied still, so I went online and have been researching for about 2 weeks exactly what the real deal is with absinthe. In the process, I found La Fee Verte, and also paid a visit to Vert d'Absinthe (am in Paris presently). Finally, I have found the proper way to serve absinthe, and it's beautiful!! I saw it on YouTube first, and some of the comments are what led me here.

I've purchased myself a bottle of Duplais Balance to take home with me, and plan to get a fontaine, two glasses and two spoons also (which will mean a second visit to Vert d'Asbinthe… hopefully Luc won't mind giving me another taster wink.gif)

So… I think that's more than my fair share of introduction!

Any questions, let me know :)


Sorry about the marathon post!
The Standard Deviant
Welcome to the forum. I hope you're enjoying Paris! Remember the forum will probably still be here to visit when you get back to Australia, but Paris won't be!
Yes, I sure hope so, I'll need to be readng the various reviews to decide on my next bottle!

Unfortunately, my wife is rather unwell, so we've both been holed up in our hotel since hitting Paris (other than my day trip to Notre Dame and Vert d'Absinthe!).

Looks like Paris will have to wait til next time, and the forums will get a bit more attention. The video shop around the corner from our hotel is making a killing off us! wink.gif

Congrats on going the distance and finding the truth.

Hope your wife heals up soon. abs-cheers.gif
Don't drink the water! Oh. Wait. That's Mexico. Or is it?????????

Welcome to the club. There is an absinthe made in Austrailia, called Moulin Roos, I think it is called. I don't know how close to real it is, but you have some Balance and that will do for a start. It is one of my favorites, and it is cheap. Although, if I were going to lug it home in my luggage, I would want to take some of the best stuff. Luc can help you out there too.
Sorry to hear about your wife and that you can't visit Paris, there is so much to do in this village.
The district where Vert d'Absinthe is located, Le Marais, is one of the oldest and most beautiful, a very good reason to visit his shop a second or a third time abs-cheers.gif
Welcome! Hope to hear about your adventures at Liqueurs de France abs-cheers.gif
Welcome to the forums. If you are interested, there is an Australian Absinthe related news/blog at and if you need to buy any French or Swiss absinthe when you get back to Australia you can buy them from It is a little expensive but at least you are guaranteed that they won't stopped by customs.
QUOTE(Ricki @ May 26 2008, 03:32 AM) *

It is a little expensive but at least you are guaranteed that they won't stopped by customs.

Did Betty move to Oz?
If that's true, it's a good thing that series already climaxed.

Welcome, Webweaver! abs-cheers.gif
Thanks for your welcomes everyone! :)

My wife does seem to be on the mend finally, and we fly out of Paris tomorrow lunchtime…

I attempted to purchase a few items from Vert d'Absinthe today, but alas, the place is closed on Mondays!! If only I had checked the opening hours when I first visited :( Looks like I'll have to have them shipped to Australia instead, which saves me lugging them through London, but is a fair bit more expensive :(
Do you have time to receive a shipment in London? Or possibly do your shopping there?
The Standard Deviant
I hope your wife is feeling better.

There is the Soho Wine Supply off Tottenham Court Road (not actually in Soho, but they are forgiven).
Well, I'll only be in London for two nights (so one whole day), then flying back to Australia. The main things I was hoping to buy from Vert d'Absinthe was a fontaine, some glasses and some spoons… do you know if anywhere in London sells those? and for sensible prices?

Thanks for your suggestions :)
The Standard Deviant
No idea, but absinthesalon has fountains in Australia. They appear to be sold out at the moment though. If you're in London I'd see the sights though!
Traveling with a fountain seems to be asking for trouble. They can be so fragile to lug around or to trust the handlers with.
Hmm… well AbsintheSalon might be an option then.

This will be our second time in London for this trip, it's just a stop stopover really as our flight to Australia is from London, otherwise we would've gone back directly from Paris :)

I'm more concerned about getting my absinthe stuff lol

I wonder if there's much of a market for absinthe stuff at home… maybe we can save on postage that way wink.gif
You would need to know how much absinthe your customs will allow you to bring in with you. As singles and as a couple.
2.2 litres per person.
Well, I'm now the proud owner of a 500ml bottle of Duplais Balance and a 750ml bottle of PF 1901! Happily going back to Australia tomorrow, so wish me luck that I don't break either of them in transit!! biggrin.gif
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