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Full Version: Saying HELLO,
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Hello all,

I think I have an account on this forum from about 5 years back, but I would have no idea how to find it and don't believe I posted anything at the time. But, that might say that I've been interested in absinthe for a while and that I am not really new to the drink. In my cabinet right now I have a bottle of Eich and Blachette, the person I drink with has a bottle of Kübler and Serpis. I'm always looking for a more complex and well made absinthe. I am excited to hear about some of the new absinthes being made in the US and abroad. Now I just need to find a way to buy some of them (like the Sirene, which doesn't ship to Va yet)

I have a strong desire toward gaining knowledge, and tend toward research. I would love to know everything, and, failing that, know everything about my chief interests. Right now absinthe is one of my chief interests. Thank you for populating this forum devoted to that subject, and for all the research done already. abs-cheers.gif


Hello, welcome to the fray.
What part of VA are you in?
I happen to live in the south western part, there are some more members here from VA also.
Actually, I'm in Frederick Md. But I spend a good bit of time in northern Va, went to high school in Leesburg. You can't ship the Sirene to either state, so it doesn't matter.

I have friends as far south as Richmond, and drink absinthe there on occasion. And went to school in Harrisonburg. But I doubt either of those are south enough to be called southern Va.

Kirk, I read you make very nice spoons. Do you have a store where I might browse your wares, or do you sell what you make and keep little on hand?
Kirk's spoons
I make them up as I go along, it takes me about 2 weeks to fill a small order.
You can see some of my spoons here, at Oxygenee's website:Sterling silver spoons
Welcome, Density, nice to see you over here! abs-cheers.gif

I wish I could afford one of Kirks spoons, they really are works of art.
I would love to have one myself, but just can't justify paying the price when you have to factor in the exchange rate and overseas shipping for something that is made in the U.S.
The Standard Deviant
They are shipped directly from the US.
Hi! abs-cheers.gif
Hi and welcome abs-cheers.gif
Bienvenue dans le chaos abs-cheers.gif
abs-cheers.gif to all,

absinthist, is it really that bad?! sleepy.gif
Eh, I'm reading. I'll try to keep my nose clean in the meanwhile.
QUOTE(density @ Jun 4 2008, 06:36 AM) *

absinthist, is it really that bad?! sleepy.gif

Only when he drunk-types. sleepy.gif
Who knows me better? evill.gif Just one glass. Do not worry, density. 'twas a cordial greeting abs-cheers.gif
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