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Full Version: Boating for Absinthe
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From a website calling itself Megayacht News
chop.gif is thought to be a hallucinogen, but scientific evidence is divided.
The legality of absinthe, like the drink, remains cloudy despite suggestions by some that all is good in the world of absinthe.

There is little doubt that there is more of it about these days. A wormwood-free version called absente is available. Many export versions sold in the United States do not contain wormwood, which makes them broadly legal. It seems that if absinthe is bought for personal use this is not illegal; but American authorities have been known to seize absinthe on occasion if they suspect anything containing wormwood will be used for human consumption. Basically, U.S. authorities have approved a number of tested brands for sale and it is these you will see for sale publicly.

If you are keen to try absinthe, consider the legal scenario and do not be deterred if no wormwood is in the version you try.

Doctor Love

It's divided huh? Well why doesn't this yachtypants go drink some chop.gif and tell us how much he trips ballz.

Annoying. Writing and thinking don't often go together.
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