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Full Version: N.O. Absinthe Museum?
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New Orleans City Business
Commission bottlenecks absinthe museum

A museum dedicated to all things absinthe cannot open until the Vieux Carre Commission approves the property at 823 Royal St. for use as a museum.

The Absinthe Museum of America, being touted as the first of its kind in the country, is scheduled to open July 19.

Cary René Bonnecaze, one of the co-founders of the museum, said he already operates a store, Vive La France, out of that location, and he didn’t expect any delays in the July 19 opening of the museum.

But VCC officials disagreed, saying the site is approved for commercial uses, not as a museum.

A VCC public hearing is set for Aug. 22 to consider approving the site as a museum. Bonnecaze must submit floor plans and an architectural rendering to the VCC as part of the approval process.

The VCC said a museum is among the list of uses that can be approved for that site.

Or you could go down a few blocks and see some old Herbsaint junk that day. harhar.gif
A superior alternative.
Kind of sounds like the guy wants to sell modern accessories and just call it a "Museum".
I understand that the majority of the absinthe antiques are from the private collection of a local NOLA collector, that has an impressive collection of absinthe antiques.

I've talked with him before, and he seems to be an okay person.
He already sells the accessories. This will be separate from that.
I'd check it out if in town…
From what Rene told me last year when I was there, I gathered that the original plan included some well known over seas collectors to be involved but I don't know if that panned out.
Involved Frenchman Phil.
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