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Full Version: Art "Work"
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What do you do with not so
tasty summer sausage from
the cheap ass gift basket?

This is a sculpture based on the events
that occured at "Scrotum Rock"

Utilizing a Doug McKenzie action figure.

Noting the subtle use of the cruller, I'm uncertain
how long it will be before I can get the image of
a "baboon anus" out of my mind when offered
that particular powdered treat.

Ohh... how I love picnics wub.gif
shock.gif That's using your cornhole.
Felis Catus
A rasberry-filled donut would fit in well,too,and give
a truer baboon anus appearance.

You otta hang in a modern art museum,Head.
Felis Catus
The cheap sausage gift basket,left unwrapped in that lovely red saran wrap,is a work of found art
in itself.

Especially when left out in the sun and the little
nasties start eating through the wrapping.

Time lapse photography would come in handy then.
Oh, Heady'll hang somewhere, Felis. I've no doubt of that!!!

Pardon my gallows humor. dev.gif
Oh yeah buddy! It's hung all right.
I tucked it away where it can further
"cure" for later discovery and amusement.

I kept putting it in the microwave so it
would glisten. It's been a little cold lately.

E-munkey wanted to take it and
ride around on the BART reading it.

Oh yeah, and we did a little work one time
last week.
You otta hang in a modern art museum,Head.

Hey! I don't deserve that!

Yeah, I know..but wash a few extra dishes...restiore a few extra pre Raphaelite works of art...and who might start to feel comfortable with your new-found celebrity! dev.gif
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