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Check out this youtube video discussion about ABSINTHE!
Isn't that yours already?:…+l'absinthe
And yours here too : Collector's forum

Fuckin' spammer.
What the fuck is with this recent fucktard eruption?
Conte d'Ugenta
Posted the same stuff three times, and without comment, or any other word than "check this out", are you involved in it? Are you Mr. cocktails expert? Or maybe are you from Kubler? That part is funny: "…and slowly drips water over the sugar cube, and essentially turns the water cloudy. It's called a Louche". Yeah so it's the water that is supposed to louche, that's fucking new to me, I used to think that it was the absinthe the one to louche…

absinthetric, just WTF?
What do we expect from Kubler "people"? Or worse, what do we expect from those irritating mixologists?
I thought we had a Good Morning Amerika producer among us.
Wild Bill Turkey
He's posted it FIVE times now, without additional comment, though he's had the sense not to post it over at the Lounge, so it might not be a spambot.

I think the Conte said it best: "absinthetric, just WTF?"
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