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Full Version: absinthe curious
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I'm a complete newbie to absinthe, never tasted it, but I've been reading a lot about it on the internet for the past two weeks. I'm a 47 year old (48 next month) American man living in the southeastern part of Florida - married with a family of my own. I earn my living by working in the IT dept. for a retail chain . My true passion in my life outside of work and family is photography. And it is through an idea for a self portrait that I was drawn to absinthe. I am working on a project to shoot a sort of "period piece" studio portrait of me dressed in Victorian era clothing, sitting in a Parisian absinthe bar.

I also hope to shoot some still life shots of just a glass of absinthe next to a decanter of ice water and a bowl of sugar cubes. And maybe, if I can find a proper model and some wings, I'll try a shot of a green fairy.

Anyway, I've checked the local liquor stores and found that all they sell is Pernod Pastis and Absente/Absinthe Refined. I've read enough to know that these are faux absinthes at best. I'm about 85% sure my first bottles of real absinthe will be Ted Breaux's Nouvelle Orleans and PF 1901. First on my agenda though, is to buy some pontalier glasses, spoons, and a top hat.

I will continue to post comments and questions as I work on this project.

P.S. The avatar that I've chosen was only meant to look like a green fairy, and it is not an indication of my character.

Thanks for being here,
Instead of spending a large sum on an oddly-flavored absinthe (or buying the fake-sinths you are wisely avoiding), why not first try a bottle of arak and see if you even like anise spirits?
I am looking for authentic color as much as flavor and wormwood content. I want my photographs to look authentic. And I want my first absinthe experiences to be as authentic as possible. Also, I'm quite sure I would like anise flavored hootch. I've had Ouzo and Jagermeister. They may or may not be flavored with anise, but I like them. I also buy anise flavored snow cones from a guy out in front of the Wal-Mart that I go to in Miami.

I agree, it appears the real stuff is not so easy-on-the-wallet. Even the glasses and spoons are more than I'd usually pay.

Do you really think the ones I've chosen are oddly flavored? I've read that they're close to the way it was in the 19th Century.

Take care,
Hi John, welcome.
They are very good choices, you can order them from LdF with some glasses and spoons.
Indeed. Get it all from the same place and save some money. Dealing with LdF for paraphernalia guarantees high quality stuff, and they have a great selection of top notch absinthe. I suggest picking out a third bottle too, that shipping is a killer and I like to get the most out of it. Welcome! When you start cranking out photos, we have a perfect venue to show them off down the board list!
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