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Full Version: Hartsmar's at it AGAIN, folks
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A Cardiff family have an unusual pet - a 22-stone sheep who loves eating biscuits and curling up on the couch to watch TV.

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Former coach driver David Palmer rescued the sheep, which he calls Nick Boing, three years ago, when he was just a newborn, reports the Daily Mail.

The 53-year-old found the sick lamb in long grass on a trip to a nature reserve with his partner Caroline Clements, 54, and their 13-year-old son Nathan.

"There were no other sheep about so we picked him up," he said. "I didn't know anything about sheep so I took him to the nearest farm and left my name, but nobody contacted me and he came with us.

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"Caroline had a baby bottle left from when Nathan was little so we fed him some milk and within an hour he was running around."

The family twice tried leaving Nick with farmers, but he refused to go near other sheep and would not settle.

Now he has his own purpose-built bungalow, complete with a carpet and windows, in the family's back garden.

But the 22-stone ram prefers to spend his evenings watching television in the living room, so he head butts the cushions out of the way and settles down on the sofa.

Nick's nightly TV sessions usually end around 11pm, when he is given a swede or an apple and is ushered outside to sleep.

"He's part of the family," said Mr Palmer. "He's more intelligent than your average sheep that's stuck in a field. He's in the house and in the car and meeting people. He's good company and he knows what's what."

[Bolding mine!]

What would Brigitte think, if you hadn't eaten her? You sly devil! evill.gif

Kudos to MrsAbsomphe for uncovering Hartsmar's recidivistic behavior.
The Standard Deviant
I didn't know Hartsmar lived in Wales!
It's a sheep, not a whale. And I don't think he really lives in the sheep. It's just, you know, recreational time.
That's a mighty fine looking sheep.
Lacks the high heels, but hey - it'll do for now.

Whales... that's just not right. You are nuts TSD!
It would put new meaning to Free Willy though.
The Standard Deviant
Swede is English for rutabaga, by the way.
I thought rutabaga was English for rutabaga
English English, or American English, a rutabaga sounds more like something only a Swedish sheep would enjoy.
All these sheep innuendoes are a bit csheap.
Doctor Love

If you can't bleat 'em, join 'em.
Meanwhile, this is an American's report on his recent trip to Sweden.

"I wasn't expecting was for everyone to be blond and gorgeous …"

Did he meet Hartsmar?

"It is difficult to find absinthe unless you really know where to look, and even then, most of it is weak in Sweden."

Hartsmar must have drunk all the good stuff.
To wash out the taste of all the bad stuff.
He he...

What is very true in that story is the fact that very few people bother to say "excuse me" when they bump into someone or step on someones foot or something like that. Also true - Swedes just can't stand in lines... People are so fucking ignorant to that and just keeps trying to push their way in front of you. That is why in most "public" places using a line these days there's an electronic queue-number system to keep some form of order to it.
The Standard Deviant
Even the French have started to queue nowadays!
Wild Bill Turkey
We Americans have an acutely developed herding instinct.
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