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Full Version: Don In The News
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Absinthe, "The Green Fairy," is a high-proof emerald-green distillation of wormwood, anis, fennel, and other herbs, which was the tipple of choice for 19th-century artists and intellectuals. Synonymous with the Bohemian lifestyle, the libation contains the compound alpha-chop.gif. It is thought to induce an altered state, and was banned in many places including the United States and Great Britain for years. Present-day absinthe is mild compared to that of the Belle Epoch. The traditional method of presentation is rather elaborate, requiring a special absinthe spoon, glass, and "fountain," a sugar cube, and exact proportions of water to liqueur. According to Bangkok-based chemist and absinthe expert Don Walsh, when water is trickled over the absinthe and sugar cube, "…a chemical reaction liberates the hugely floral bouquet of the concoction and produces a milky off-white drink similar to Greek ouzo or Mideastern arak. The clouding effect is termed the louche, and is of great aesthetic appeal to absintheurs."

In Step with Vincent
Are you serious?! No one bit at this? At all?!
Donnie Darko
Who is Don Walsh?

Just kidding. Seems like a screwball article that may have just quoted him from somewhere else without permission? What is the Ouray news anyway?
Small town "news"paper. They probably didn't worry too much about giving proper attribution to the quote. I don't know, maybe the guy doing the show had some contact with Don, or maybe as Donnie suggests, they stole the quote and didn't reference it.

Ouray is a small mining/tourist town high in the San Juan mountains of Western Colorado, near where I grew up. For the tourists they call it "the Switzerland of America". It's named after a Ute Indian chief who was a friend of my grandfather.
IPB Image
QUOTE(Grim @ Jul 26 2008, 09:19 PM) *

No one bit at this? At all?!

I was surprised.

I ran the quote through Google before posting it to see if it was lifted from somewhere. Nope. If someone was going to steal or make up a quote you would think they would pick someone more contemporary and better known.
There is an old interview with Don floating around dating from the days when Ted was trying to start up in Thailand.

Perhaps the quote was lifted from that.

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