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Full Version: Oh the Irish
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Mr Nix warned that Ireland already has enough problems with binge-drinking and drug s without the added problem of absinthe, which became notorious in Europe in the 19th-century for driving addicts insane.

The inclusion of absinthe in the drink and drugs cocktail that night was a significant factor.

"It drives people mad," Mr Nix told the court.

Mr Nix needs to get his shit straight.
I'm sure that mixing Diazepam with alcohol - any kind of alcohol - had NOTHING to do with it...
Doctor Love

Mr. Nix will drive me mad long before absinthe will. What a lying sack of poop.gif .

Fucking douchebag.
And the history repeats itself; at least Jean Lanfray had some sort of style. Suspiciously, only Bacardi is referenced by brand name-they are hiding something, which vodka, which cider, which beer, and which absinthe (if absinthe at all)?
According to following articles covering the case he had also smoked some o'dat wacky tobacky.

So, a good portion of booze, antidepressants and pot. Good combination!
Diazepam (aka:Valium) is a tranquilizer, not an antidepressant.

Big difference.

Tranquilizers act immediately, while antidepressants take weeks before a therapeutic effect is noticed.
Donnie Darko
Taking any depressant or opiate with booze can kill you. Even without the booze combinations of them alone can kill you. Just ask Heath Ledger.

And call me crazy, but to assume the man wasn't batshit crazy before he went on that bender doesn't speak well of the people who wrote that article nor that moron Nix.

Yet another instance of journalists confabulating some fantasy based on the misperception of a few deluded fools and turning it into a big story. Assholes.
true... my bad. still a dumb idea to mix with tons of booze and pot.
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