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Generally Poland, naturally, but I have used the opportunity of touring Slovakia (Vranov, Trebišov, etc) and Hungary (Satoraljaújhely and Sarospatak).

First of all, you gotta be Tokaji afficonado to get the best of the best. Just before Satoraljaújhely, there is Slovenske Nove Mesto, wherever you, there are private Tokaj wineries; vintage ones available as well.

In case of Hungary:


For less than 10 Euros you can revel in:

(coffee and waer™ incl.)

AFABIC: The only real deal Brew I have found was Borsodi at 6.5% which turned out to be not only cheap (less than one euro for normal 500ml) but very hoppy and tasty.

Staying with non-alcoholic products: Hungary makes lotsa fine wine, however you should be aware that artisanal divine drinks are offered in Boroszüzlet (wine-shop) where there is no problem of getting vintage wine from the 80's for very lil'. On the other hand, there is Élelmiszerüzlet, where the wine is generally more expensive, so is palinka.

In case of Tokaji, what counts and is relatively drinkable are Aszu, Samorodni and Furmint, so 1st class, 2nd class and so on, the rest like Harslevelu or Sargatomuskatoly are considered lower.


What is palinka, you might wish to know. Well, a hooch cooked from fruit. Unfortunately, mass-produced CO palinka is bottled in the range 30-37.5% and is made from fruit aromas and shitty spirit. Artisanal palinka is not that widely-available but is usually a clear distillate from plums, apricots, peaches or apples and left in the range 40-60%. Looking for more exclusive palinkas, you can get one distilled from Tokaji wine, still quite a cheap if not not often come across. Palinka costs 8.15 euro for 500ml bottle on average or much less.

There is absinthe available, indeed. In Tesco you can get 70cl of unknown Absenta style (made in Madrid or so) for the price of 13.5 euro. I wasn't that brave to try it, I have concentrated more on Tokaji.

Wormwood-flavoured Unicum liqueur is available in every Élelmiszerüzlet and is definitely cheaperer than in Poland or even Slovakia.

PS. Tansy in Slovakia and Hungary is very small, so the main harvest took place obviously in Poland evill.gif

Last week I was wondering if there was any good palinka out there. 'Sounds like for the most part it is not so hot.
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