That really is rich. That really is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Accusing someone else of using of running Pakistan to feather his own nest.

A man who negotiated an amnesty for himself and his wife on their corruption charges. A man whose kickbacks (and his wife's), according to corruption investigators, amount to £740 million and a 10 bedroom mansion in one of the most exclusive areas of England, now accuses the man who granted him the amnesty of corruption and wants him impeached, prosecuted and jailed.

Ironic that the amnesty will allow the Bhutto's Swiss bank accounts to be unfrozen so that they can continue to build their corrupt political dynasty after they succeed in ousting, on accusations of corruption, the man who enabled them to unfreeze their dodgy accounts by granting them an amnesty from corruption charges.

And on what basis does Zardari hold the leadership of the PPP? By the 'authority' of a hand-written note by his dead wife naming him as such, then he names his son (19 years old) chairman and himself co-chairman. Naturally they will hold these positions for life.

The Bhutto's don't give two fucks about democracy, they never did. They really did a good job in fooling and mesmerising the West into thinking they were progressive and almost liberal. All they are, and were ever, interested in is building their own personal family fiefdom in Pakistan. And the West swallowed their bullshit. It's amazing what you can fool the West into believing when you have a glamorous, well-educated, western-educated, well-spoken, figurehead, who knows how to manipulate the media. Put up a haze of glitz, glamour and liberal sound-bites, and we'll buy anything.

I'm no fan of Musharraf, but the Bhuttos really take the fucking biscuit.