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Full Version: Belgian absinthe
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I have come to find that there were three brands made in Belgium, namely Robette, Berthelot, and Duval (an additional factory for Fritz Duval from Pontarlier)

Could anyone here shed some light on these 3 brands? Like, where they were made, if the buildings still stand, their history… As a Belgian, I would like to find out.
Well so far your reactions to my question were overwhelming and heartwarming. Nonetheless, here's what I can tell you about these 'Belgian brands', with thanks to Bop, a member of my Dutch forum:

The most well-known of the above brands, the Robette, was made by a certain Distillerie Petitjean & Cie, based in Mons (BE) as a second factory to their distillery in Saint-Loup (now called Saint-Loup-sur-Semouse) in the region of Haute-Saône, Franche-Comté. A successful and important distillery, led by a mr. Petitjean, and after his death by his widow Mrs. Robette, with about 52 employees and 340 representatives working for both factories. They produced kirsch, amer, mirabelle and absinthe.

Berthelot and Duval (as stated earlier) were also additional factories of French producers. In fact, I'm not even sure if any of these factories based in Belgium actually produced absinthe, given the fact that only a handful of Belgians knew how to appreciate it. Most of them stuck to beer and gin, just as they do today.
Donnie Darko
That's interesting. I knew nothing about the Robette brand beyond the famous poster, I didn't even know it was Belgian.
Well the poster of Robette was made by Henri Privat-Livemont, from Schaarbeek (Schaerbeck) near Bruxelles, who also worked in Paris and Oostende (Belgium). The poster as you know it was a promotional lithograph printed by Jean-Louis Goffart, a printer from Bruxelles, known primarily for his educational posters which hung in many Belgian schools. Livemont himself was an artist who created many promotional posters and lithos in the "art nouveau" style, influenced by Japanese imaginary arts.
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