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Full Version: Allasch Kümmel
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The stuff, served as a digestif accompanying the coffee has been very popular in pre-war Europe. The best brand was from Riga, reputable brands were made in Wrocław or Gdańsk, whilst the most popular in Poland was Franciszek Blattan from Skoczów (Label from Tits' private collection).

As such the main flavour was caraway and so far I have come across three recipes calling for 3-4 ingredients, whereas the current CO's are based just on 2 and what is more seem to be colourless oil mixes when the Allasch of the heyday was yellow and traditionally-made without cutting corners. Łańcut was producing a green Allasch (30%) till 2000 or so; seems to be discontinued. Its strength was in the range 38-45% and it was believed to contain a generous amount of sugar syrup. Has anyone tried it at all? I mean the real deal™? and is it worth trying at all?
I have found several other recipes, including those pre 1885. As an interesting fact here is a label from Berliner Allasch, which clearly indicates that upon cold the product will get cloudy, so the omission of sugar syrup might not be that bad idea…

Update: Lucas Bols is believed to have produced the first Allasch in the 1570's using caraway and cumin. In Poland karolkowa-caraway and cumin-flavoured nalewka was known at the similar time, so someone might have influenced someone else evill.gif.However, karolkowa was drunk only during Easter. Allasch from Riga on the other hand seems to have been in business from 1823 on. Hunt continues…
Caraway, Cumin, Kümmel.
Here's something: And here's a translated version in Polish:…pzswgZEBMI2pZJg

Cuz everyone has the right to know about it wink.gif
QUOTE(absinthist @ Aug 21 2008, 12:06 PM) *

Hunt continues…

and shall bear interesting fruits soon…
Part of a group of mini bottles I bought, just to get a rare Herbsaint mini.

IPB Image
Bravo, Impy! I can only say that intact 500ml bottle of Polish allasch from Łańcut distillery (discontinued brand known since 1823) is coming my way… evill.gif
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