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Full Version: 750 year old bottle of Cognac
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….OK, OK, not quite, but five 150 year old bottles must be the next best thing…
Very nice, but, gee, they're all the same.

Variety is the spice of life, or so I hear. harhar.gif

No, I got lots of different ones as well.
Any pre-1872/73 Cognac would drop my jaw… but my gawd, that's absolutely gorgeous.
Even if the label's kinda ratty. wink.gif chickawow.gif
Yes, but is it pre-ban?
It's pre-phyloxera, which is kinda the same idea.

Oxy couldn't possibly just have common old cognac like everybody else.

No, it has to be pre-phyloxera cognac.
I'd rape CG for a sample of that. But it wouldn't be one of those "I love you"… or "You smell really nice"… or "Do you mind rolling over" kind of things… just strictly business.

Seriously though, what's the story behind these bottle?
The Standard Deviant
I imagine it was something like this: Oxygenee was having dinner in an old restaurant.

During the course of the meal, he noticed a battered door at the back of the room. Guessing it might lead to the cellar, he got up and walked towards the door, pretending to be looking for the toilet. The lock was broken, and inside, just as he had suspected, was a staircase leading down into darkness. Walking down the stairs, his arm knocked against something on the wall.

A light flickered on, revealing a vaulted ceiling, blackened brick floor. and rack upon rack of dust-encrusted bottles. Picking one up, he attacked the dark grey layer with his fingers, revealing only the letters 'ognac' and '1878' remaining on the torn label.

Suddenly there was a creaking sound; a waiter was coming down into the cellar. With nowhere to hide, David announced his presence: "Hello? I was looking for the toilet, but I assume this isn't the right place."

"I was wondering how anyone could have ended up in here!" replied the waiter, "What's that you've got there?"

"Oh, it appears to be some cognac, old spirits are a bit of an interest of mine," said David.

"The sommelier died about 6 months ago, and we've got no idea what there is down here anymore, do you think it's valuable? We're about to clear out everything down here to make way for a new cocktail bar."

"Oh no, sadly not, the contents are too old to be drinkable any more, but I will buy them from you for the bottles, for my collection. They are only worth about 5 euros each though," said David, wondering what the waiter would reply.

"Wonderful! 5 euros! To think we were going to throw them away!"
That's more or less it.
QUOTE(Grim @ Aug 28 2008, 12:47 PM) *
I'd rape
for a sample of that.

For this stuff, me too!


Oh wait, didn't we ban that one?

Congrats though, excellent find!

Le Gimp

All I got to say is ….


For someone.
Jaded Prole
That's more or less it.

I visualized a more Indiana Jones type scenario.
I didn't want to bore you with all the details of the high speed camel chase through the streets of old Cairo. I wasn't the only one on the trail of King Farouk's fabled cognac cellar.
I've heard rumors about people being on King Farouk's tail, but I never wanted to believe them.

Until now.
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