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So PTFA and be careful with that stuff!

Thanks Bop.

never tried absinthe but there is one thing i learnt about it,

im not sure how many years ago this was, i think it was many.

but they put tiny tiny tiny pieces of glass in the bottle,
so when you drink it, it makes a tiny tiny cut at the back of your throat and gets to your blood stream quicker,
but with the absinth these days
i dont think they have.

Fuck! I'm a lucky bastard! None of the prebans I've tasted so far had tiny tiny pieces of glass in! Is that what you guyz call "sediments"?

Oxy, you should warn people before selling your xit!
This bottle/sample can contain tiny tiny pieces of glass that could cut the back of your throat.
Please bring your bottle/sample to a laboratory for a complete exam before ingesting.
Thank you for your understanding.
In Scotland it is becoming popular for young people to pour shots into their eyes for quicker absorption (according to some crap I read, NY Times I think). Same idea…
Morons, everywhere MORONS!!!!
Snorting absinthe shots is a big thing now too. Loads and loads of those vids on youtube.
Time to thank mixologists, fratboys, etc for making that possible. Getting better day by day. Jean Lanfray is very proud of his disciples increasing the level of moronity. And the bunch of new "experts" is appearing like mushrooms after rain; the one, the more knowledgeable.
Yes, a few times.

Things always seemed to go wrong - fights, tears etc!

I spilled some on my carpet too, and the patch fluffed all up!

IPB Image

Edited due to blonde posting in wrong thread.
Wild Bill Turkey
QUOTE(absinthist @ Sep 5 2008, 11:29 AM) *

Time to thank mixologists, fratboys, etc for making that possible.

Mixologists? Um, no.

I don't think even the worst beertenders are responsible for people snorting shots or pouring them in the eyes. That's just straight up fratboy shit.
That time I would not agree with you, buddy. Still, it belongs to the so-called "bar culture" and if bartenders allow such things to happen, in a sense it is a quiet acceptance from their side as well. If a conscious bartender sees some frat boy snorting or having a shot of very strong alcohol, he should react and say: "hey, in my bar we don't do that-get outta here!"…g-reported.html

Old news maybe but clearly says it's the bars that provide these tubes, frat boys do not bring them along with themselves, but since they know these are being actually offered, they will naturally ask for them. Back in the 90's some things as regards drinking different spirits were unthinkable, nowadays they are a norm and it is worrying.

That one was found by Alan:…tail-Crete.html

Just a food for thought.
Wild Bill Turkey
She shouldn't get a swelled head just because she's in the news. She needs to go to a shrink.
Coke was put on the market as a softdrink.

So it's always the same shit with those fucks.

QUOTE(Shabba53 @ Sep 5 2008, 11:07 AM) *

Snorting absinthe shots is a big thing now too. Loads and loads of those vids on youtube.

That was popular with shots of 151, during my college daze.

These kids today are just soooo derivative. bobw.gif
They can always do like Stevie Nicks back in her cocaine days.
Stevie Nicks, a fratboy??
Is that not more than obvious?
Um, yeah!
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