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The Bosco in Ferndale is always a leader in introducing us to new sounds, styles and drinks.
Drinks include:

THE NEW - It's a drink that contains absinthe.

Yes, the drink has been illegal in the U.S. for years because of its alleged hallucinogenic properties - it still is illegal, really. The concerned chemical in absinthe that the FDA banned is called chop.gif (the component that is said to make people hallucinate). However, companies are filtering out chop.gif so that they can sell absinthe here.

The Bosco is carrying quality Pernod d'absinthe.

Haberman said The New will be served as tradition dictates: with an absinthe spoon, sugar and water.

From the L.A. Times
A tasty la bleue…
Donnie Darko
That looks identical to 2,000 flushes, but probably tastes worse.
A truly vile picture, I don't even want to imagine what that tastes like.
It deserves to be burned.
Like a witch.
QUOTE(Provenance @ Sep 15 2008, 09:30 AM) *

A tasty la bleue…

Looks like that Mata Hari crap.
Doctor Love

I think you mean Le Tourment, iirc Mata Hari is kind of golden.
Butt, not in a metaphorical sort of way.
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