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Full Version: New Simon Pearce glass at Vert d'Absinthe
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Heure Verte
Wow, That was fast, Marc (I received the glasses yesterday) !
This glass has a story : it's a replica of a very rare vintage glass I found some years ago.
For now, I didn't find any clue about it, nobody have seen it before me and for what I know, it's the only remaining one (but as you know, there are some unrecorded absinthianas left).

The problem is : a Duplais bottle felt on that glass last year and broke it in 3 pieces. I was depressed and was mad at myself, you can imagine !

A glassmaker friend of mine glued it. Some months later, i spoke about this glass to John Troia and Peter, asked them if Simon Pearce could work on a replica for me. John showed him the glass, Simon Pearce liked it and … here it is (after several months of work) !
Like each Simon Pearce glass, it's a wonderful object. The replica is 101% faithful to the original. 101% because it's a little bit thicker and a little bit bigger (but the see saw brouilleur still fits) !
I'm very happy with this object because the one and only remaining glass is now a memory, and it's a brand new life for it !

The original one (fortunately, I took a picture before breaking it) :
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QUOTE(Heure Verte @ Sep 19 2008, 10:58 AM) *

Wow, That was fast, Marc (I received the glasses yesterday) !

I know but such a beautiful glass had to be revealed asap wink.gif

This is the Simon Pearce glass I prefer btw.
From the look of the pics, I actually prefer the replica.

It has the same nice lines but it looks more sturdierer.
Why Saint Jacques?
Heure Verte
It's a private joke : Saint-Jacques is the french translation of my first name.
You're a saint for resurrecting that design. Must've hurt to have seen the original sacrificed.
Luc just posted an amusing little silent film-style clip titled "Le Buveur d'Absinthe" at YouTube featuring this glass.
Donnie Darko
I don't know if anyone here knew this, but Simon Pearce's son, the pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce, sustained a terrible traumatic brain injury while training last December (any snowboarding fan probably already knew that). I assumed he wasn't going to make it, as I've seen several traumatic brain injuries at the hospital I'm working at and they are often either fatal or life ruining. As luck, good medical care and persistence would have it, however, he's making an incredible recovery. There's an article about it in the Times here:
That's great to hear. Thanks for the 411.
Hope you don't mind that I shared your video over at FB, Luc. It's very fun.
“I have nothing but gratitude for all the people in our lives, the people we know and the people we don’t know, that have been pulling for us this whole time.”

Wow, I had no idea. Add one more to the list of people pulling for him…
Dear Friends,

As many of you know, our son Kevin suffered a severe brain injury December 31st of last year training for the U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team. We want to take this opportunity to send a belated but deeply heartfelt thank you to all of you who have reached out to us over the last four months while we've been with Kevin at hospitals in Salt Lake City and Denver watching him make amazing steps toward recovery. Your extraordinary letters, incredibly positive thoughts, good wishes, and prayers have all played a critical role in Kevin's recovery, and we truly can't thank you enough.

We're excited to share that Kevin was discharged from Craig Hospital in Denver last week, and we're so thankful that he is home again to continue his recovery surrounded by family and friends in familiar surroundings in Norwich, Vermont. We also wanted to give you the heads up that following the segment you may have seen on Kevin during the Olympics, another segment by Tom Brokaw on Kevin's recovery will air tomorrow, Tuesday, on both the Today Show and NBC Nightly News. There will also be a piece in the New York Times on Wednesday.

We continue to be inspired and sustained by all of your support.

Our very best wishes from our family,

Pia and Simon Pearce

For ongoing updates, please visit Kevin's Well-Wishes Facebook page.
That's good news, thanks for sharing here.
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