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Full Version: from Colette's novels…
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I've been reading Colette's Claudine novels, and found this in the Claudine in Paris:

"Do you smell that? A smell of absinthe? The fat gentleman's poured some into his champagne. At school we used to eat green barley sugar flavoured with absinthe; it was considered awfully smart to suck them for ages till they got a long point on them…Disgusting, wasn't it? I dreamt about you. A wicked dream, too good to be true."

Delightfully salacious.

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Another passage from Collete, this time from Claudine and Annie:

Maugis¹ drooped his moustache towards me, a moustache bleached by a cosmopolitan taste in liquor.
"Madame [Annie], you appear to be suffering certain pangs of remorse … You most certainly will not be able to imbibe the necessary cordial here at the Fritz. The liquid refreshments they serve here would wreck the livers of hardened drinkers in the lowest type of military canteen … What you need is a nice green."
"A nice what?"
"Call it a blue, if that appeals to you more. A Pernod for babies. I am the president of a Feminist Society: 'The Right to Absinthe'. I can tell you the members don't half put it away."
"I've never drunk absinthe in my life," I said with some disgust.
"Oh!" exclaimed Claudine. "There are so many things you've never tasted, good little Annie."

I shall leave the rest up to your delicious imaginations.

¹Maugis is a recurring character in the Claudine novels, a bloated punster of a music critic, best described as a prurient pud-pulling pixilated personage.
I think I would find this Claudine most delightful.
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QUOTE(Provenance @ Oct 4 2008, 07:21 PM) *

I think I would find this Claudine most delightful.

The character of Claudine is delightful. I find myself chuckling at much of the repartee.

Claudine's father, a 'gentleman malacologist,' is a Wagnerian wonder of tricoloured beard, Burgundian nose, and Olympian hauteur: he called Claudine's cat an 'infernal fiend vomited from the jaws of Hell' because the cat jumped onto his washdrawing.

Simply splendid.

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