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Albert Trummer works out of an old opium den, plays with fire, studies murderers and infuses his own absinthe.
Request the homemade absinthe ($35). Trummer sets the spirit ablaze. He throws the indigo flames from glass to glass. Down a shot of the hot liquor. The fire burns off much of the alcohol; the absinthe goes down easy. You tongue goes a bit numb. You feel woozy. It all feels like a secret festival in a post-apocalyptic Versailles.

Apotheke is at 9 Doyers St. near Pell Street. Information: +1-212-406-0400.

Donnie Darko
I had heard that was a cool bar. Thanks for the article, now I know better. I wonder how many people have paid him $35 to ruin their drink and then shit in their mouth.
Jaded Prole
His "infusion" is probably beyond ruination before he sets it alight.

I hope he sets his head on fire.
You and D-Squared are just bitter about lacking the sophistication needed to appreciate a fine home-infused absinthe.
Donnie Darko
Elitist bastard.
Can you legally sell "infused" wormwood based vomit inducing beverages in a bar?
I'd think you couldn't even give them away.
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