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Full Version: 320bpm
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Conte d'Ugenta
Already seen it on youtube… pretty fuckin amazing uh? Damn, that's lighting fast!
Haven't the Anal Cunt and Napalm Death beaten the record already?
Yeah, absinthist--I'd rather listen to "Scum."
I used to work for Earache Records, home to AC & Napalm Death.

Wasn't into the music, though. I guess Godflesh was alright.



I extend my music-geek gratitude to you and your co-workers for bringing me Godflesh, OLD and Scorn. That extended Birmingham, UK scene has given me years of musical pleasure. I could go on and on like a good lil' fanboy, but I'll spare the masses.

Funny thing was, when I first heard GF ("Christbait Rising" on a local college radio station), it was too "metal" for me! Shows what happens when you sequester yourself in the land of industrial. Now that track is one of my favorites, and I often point to its descending riff as an obvious tie between rock/metal and the blues.
Actually, now that you mention it, Scorn & Old were pretty cool as well. I think I have some of their stuff at home, along with Godflesh.
You into Jesu at all? Some is quite good.
Heard of 'em, but never heard 'em. Guy from Godflesh, right?
You ever listen to Today is the Day?

The first track on In the Eyes of God is amazing.
Yup, Jesu is Godflesh guy's new band/output.

Always heard the name Today is the Day, but never heard their music. That first track you mentioned is piquing my interest. Just tech/weird enough for me while keeping that visceral stuff that's oh-so tasty.
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