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Full Version: What's this worth? Limited ed. "1776" Seagram's bott
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I have just come into possession of an interesting specimen: a sealed, unopened bottle of Seagram's Limited Edition "1776" blended American Whiskey, bottled in 1976. It was a special bicentennial edition, and came in a Tiffany's crystal decanter. The original box and felt pouch are now missing but the bottle itself remains sealed.

Would this still be any good? What's the worth of such a thing? We think we know of another unopened, sealed bottle that might still be in the pouch and box.
Not much at all, I'll take it off your hands if you want.
QUOTE(OCvertDe @ Oct 17 2008, 08:55 PM) *

Not much at all, I'll take it off your hands if you want.
Why don't I believe you? wink.gif
I'm serious, I really would.
QUOTE(OCvertDe @ Oct 18 2008, 03:30 AM) *

I'm serious, I really would.
Haha, you're no help. abs-cheers.gif

No one wants to hint to me the value of this…?
I have no idea but I'll guess.
Wild Bill Turkey
Prolly cause none of us know its market value. The whiskey is definitely still good, in fact undoubtedly better than it was when bottled. The only comparison I have to offer is that 10-15 year old limited-edition decanter-bottles of Gentleman Jack are usually available on ebay for around $75. This is twice as old, but the whiskey doesn't have quite the same following.

The Empty Decanter on ebay, for sale at $39, with a couple of lower offers…
$20.00 for the booze, $15.00 for the pretty bottle.
I'd reverse that.

Seagram's blows chunks.
Seagram's crap. They used to make a so-so gin back in… I don't remember evill.gif
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