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Full Version: Prototype 37
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Bruno Rygseck
Just received a bottle of it (sold out at time of writing this) and prepared a glass. Beautiful green, great fluffy louche, delicate pale but deep enough green when louched, very juicy aroma, not overly floral, balanced sweet taste without too much anise, round velvety mouthfeel… I hope this would be as near the final product as possible (Brevans "Austin Osman Spare" if I have understood correctly). Verte, 68% ABV. Congratulations, M&L!

Oh man! I want to try this. I was too hung over to sample any prototypes at the sausage party, but I really like their Absinthes. Let's get it restocked!
QUOTE(Patlow @ Oct 22 2008, 01:45 PM) *
I want to try this.

I don't.
Here is my review. I have waited since the absinthe needed a bit aging. BTW. Please note that my reviews goes on the immediate taste impression. Thus, I not always refer to the classical herbs. I hope my review will give you an idea anyway


Apprx. 3 month old Prototype 37 tasted up against Brevans Giger (Ed. 4). Dilution is exactly 1:3 with icecold water, I used a seesaw-brouilleur. No sugar was added in this tasting.

Prototype: Nice. Vibrant green, intense and natural. Like many of the absinthes from matter. I have seen more natural looking colors towards olive oil, but this has no real significance to me as long as the product is natural.

Reference/Giger: a bit more yellowish,perhaps because this absinthe is somewhat older


Not too important for me, since i focus on taste and aroma. Nice oiltracks, the louch is nice an thick and begins relatively early. It does what a good absinth should do and is nice all the way through.

Reference/Giger: Louche is nice but somewhat thinner


Prototype: the green color shines through and ends up in a nice,thick, ghostgreen drink with a slightly bluish tint.

Reference/Giger: again a bit more yeallow and a more transparent drink due to a thinner louche.

AROMA 22/30
Smooth and quite complex. My immediate impression is chocolate, banana and a hint of vanilla. Very unlike other absinthes besides the limited Promothee (also Matter) The alcohol nose is more present compared to Promothee, but very discrete compared to the majority. The aroma is a bit sharper than the Promothée, which probably is due to a young age.

Reference/Giger: doesn´t share the same notes and is more fresh/acidic. Alcohol punch is the same but a bit more rounded.

Very pleasant, lightly creamy, lightly tonguenumbening. Quite "milky"

Reference/Giger: Not as creamy but more fresh

TASTE 15/20:
Quite like the arome: creamy, light milkchocolate, a bit (not unpleasant) metallic. Banana and vanilla notes still present but more discrete.

Reference/Giger: more fresh and a totally different experience (see other reviews).

This is a good absinth that dares to go its own ways. Its closest relative to my knowledge is the limited Promothée from the same distiller, which I like a lot. However this absinthe is younger and might serve as a price friendly alternative. (Perhaps I should wait a month and see what happens…)


As with e.g. Giger and Promothée, this absinth is not something I would pop open at a party. It is too intense and milky for that. Don´t get me wrong. It is drinkable to everyone, but will most likely be preferred by experienced absintheurs and conneisseurs. It is interesting indeed, but as the Giger it has quite a character. Would be nice as a absinthe after a good meal or along with some icecream. :-P

Personally, I prefer brevans Giger due to its freshness, but bear in mind that the absinthes shouldn´t be compared quality-wise since they are way too different from eachother. I like this a lot and belive that it is not far from being complete. I have tried both absinthes with sugar, but recommend not to do that. (Actually the Promothées chocolate taste is enhanced by a tiny amount of sugar)

I believe the taste has improved significantly after some aging. IMarkus recommended this and I must say that he was absolutely right.

Now, I belive this absinth is apprx. 80/100 and need no modification. It is a treat, really. Highly recommended whenever it comes in a larger batch. Hopefully soon!


QUOTE(Thomas Boston @ Nov 17 2008, 05:03 PM) *

As with e.g. Giger and Promothée, this absinth is not something I would pop open at a party. It is too intense and milky for that. Don´t get me wrong. It is drinkable to everyone, but will most likely be preferred by experienced absintheurs and conneisseurs.

Actually, as much as I understand and partly agree, I have to say that the Prométhée is something I have given people at several parties and they have all loved it, regardless if they "like absinthe" before or have never tried absinthe. It may be intense, but I think people (we) often don't think other than experienced absinthe drinkers can or will like that, which is not the case. Certainly not up here in the north where people tend to stick with stuff with a bit of a kick in it.

Absinthe Ben
Thanks for providing a direct-comparison review, Thomas. I didn't manage to get a bottle before it sold out (I wanted to do a direct comparison also), so your review was helpful.
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