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Full Version: Little Big Planet
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Donnie Darko
If anybody else out there has a PS3, you MUST get this game. It's the most fun I've had playing a game since Super Mario. It's so refreshing to have a game where the point isn't shooting, more shooting, racing and then a side order of explosions.

What's even cooler is you can totally customize the whole game (anybody remember Excitebike for the Nintendo?), including building your own levels. It's so cutesy you might be inclined to barf, but the design aspect of it is so original and well executed that it ends up being more delightfully cute than nauseatingly cute.
Not to bump but…

You're damn right LBP is a fantastic game. I just got my network to play nice with my PS3 because LBP was the first game to tell me something was wrong. Any game that troubleshoots your lan for you gets bonus points.

You may also want to check out echochrome. Equally refreshing in design and simplicity. Escher style visuals, fresh gameplay idea, beautiful score, level editor, and cheap. Available for PS3 and PSP, free demo for PSP, not sure of PS3 demo.

Donnie Darko
Yeah, I got Echochrome. For being a cheap puzzle game it's pretty impressive. The only thing I don't like is how when you get close to getting the platforms aligned it seems to jump a little, but it's great overall. Again another refreshing change from typical games.

I also love Pixeljunk Eden, but it makes my eyes bleed after about an hour of gameplay. That game is as frustrating as it is addictive, but so worth the $5 it costs.

I'm amazed by some of the user-created levels for LBP, these people must have some serious time on their hands or maybe they are pros that program for other companies that just do LBP levels for fun. The ICO level is fantastic if you can find that one, as are some of the better Star Wars renditions.
Hey Donnie,

Remember I was telling you about GTA San Andreas. And how I hadn't finished it. Part of the my hesitation to continue playing it is this engram. See, it was the game I was playing when the PS2 died and I had to send it back for repairs.

We got LBP this Christmas. Big hopes dashed against the rocks of revamped platform gaming. First problem I have with the game is that it's a really fancy Donkey Kong. This in itself sent Kallisti back to playing "We heart.gif Katamari" for the third time. Second problem I have with it is the user created levels. The few I went to were god awful. Fortunately they have a ratings systems. Though the "tags" are pretty ridiculous. Third problem I have with it, it has now become "the game that I was playing when the PS3 died". And only hours after we opened LBP.

Another engram.

Sent the PS3 back to the warranty center today. I think I'll go buy Call of Duty when the system comes back.
What I really enjoy on the PS3 is Pain and High Velocity bowling. Pain is fairly repetitive but addictive as hell. And the nephews have turned the rewind and replay feature into an art form. Grandma Katherine is especially disturbed at how much squealing erupts whenever they knock over the old lady.
Donnie Darko
Funny, you're the only person I know who doesn't like LBP and also the only person I know whose PS3 died. Sorry about the PS3, luckily it was still under warranty. Many of the LBP user levels are garbage, but I've played a few that I think are as good as the ones that come with the game. They're almost universally rated 5 stars. I only play 4 star ones if they look really interesting from the description. It seems the best ones are usually made by Japanese kids, the ICO level being a prime example.

You are right though, LBP is a really fancy Donkey Kong, but that's why I like it. I kind of felt modern games lost the immediate gratification you get from running and jumping over clever obstacles.

I want to play that new Call of Duty. COD4 was awesome, the single player missions were really inventive and well executed. That sniper mission in the Ukraine where you have to crawl through the field and under moving tanks was incredible. I couldn't handle the multi-player though, I think the longest I ever lasted on any multi-player level was about 30 seconds.

Thanks for reminding me about Pain, I've been meaning to get that. If you want a cool modern platformer I think Uncharted:Drake's Fortune is excellent. It's short but a lot of fun, has a cool story (yes, it's an Indiana Jones ripoff but is way better than the 4th Indy movie) and is very challenging.
The nephews are looking forward to playing LBP when the PS3 comes back. What happened was, it stopped being able to read any kind of media. A common problem from what I've been reading.

I keep hearing about the new COD. I may have to pick up #4 too sounds like fun. I played the Uncharted demo that was available awhile back, pretty decent. I read he's the new Lara Croft. Got a lot of star quality. Didn't need to hear that but I'll give it try anyway.

Pain's a lot of fun. Throwing gramma down the subway steps is hella fun. And looking up the skirts of the various female characters. And being the good Uncle that I am, I clued the boys into knocking down the hotel sign letters to spell a phrase they'd be grounded for repeating. And knocking off the fingers off the proctologist, oh it's a game full of virtues.
Donnie Darko
Now you've sold me on it. I'll DL that after we move this weekend (I already packed the PS3, hope it survives).

Uncharted was good, better than the demo, which wasn't fully rendered. It's worth a rent, not a buy, since there's zero replay value, but it's a lot of fun. There's one jet-ski mission that is almost impossible, be prepared to spend a solid hour or two trying to get through that one…

I rented Metal Gear Solid 4, glad I didn't buy it. The game-play is brilliant, they came up with some unbelievably cool inventions to solve battlefield problems (octo-camo, invisible scout robot called the MKIV you can send out ahead to see what's there). The problem is the story was so fucking lame and the cut-scenes are so tedious that I felt like I was watching a 22 hour long Michael Bay movie. And I've played all the other Metal Gear games and so I know the story, it wasn't like I was unfamiliar with the goofy melodrama. It was just relentless and went on and on and on and on.

The graphics were awesome though, the cutscene camera was always featuring the female character boobies.
QUOTE(Head_prosthesis @ Jan 25 2009, 12:11 AM) *

The nephews are looking forward to playing LBP when the PS3 comes back. What happened was, it stopped being able to read any kind of media. A common problem from what I've been reading.

From what I've read, yes, that was a common problem, especially in the early models. Apparently they've fixed some of that in more recent models.

Have either of you tried Dead Space? While the violence is gratuitous, the story isn't half bad and on higher difficulty, the tension is thick. Dead Space is an excellent example of survival horror. I personally love gratuitous violence, so that aspect is a plus for me.
Dead Space. Gratuitous violence. You sound like a good candidate for the Lounge.
QUOTE(SocratesGoneMad @ Jan 26 2009, 11:53 AM) *

Have either of you tried Dead Space?

Fantastic game. It's kind of a mix between Resident Evil and Event Horizon. I was sucked into that game for quite a while.
Dead Space. I don't think I have. Not sure I'd like it from the look of the trailer. That whole running around in the dark with a flash light bayonet that keeps burning out pisses me off. It's a peeve I picked up from Doom3, why bother rendering anything if it's in pitch black throughout the majority of the game? It's like looking at pornography with a black hood on. Sorry, there are no braille editions of Juggs magazine!

Actually, that's a bit misleading from the trailers. The majority of the game is in well-lit areas. There are a few spaces where it helps to have your light on, but it doesn't go out. The zero gravity combat and stasis combat really were unique and fun to play around with.
Donnie Darko
I'm about a 3rd of the way through it. I honestly don't find it scary, you just wait for the mutants to pop out of the vents or re-appear just when you think you've killed them all. By far the scariest game I've ever played was X-Files for the PS2. That game gave me nightmares for weeks. I loved it.

Dead Space is still fun though, the weapons are clever as are the tasks. I like how lonely it feels on that spaceship, and the story-line is interesting.
grey boy
Dead Space,

Sounds like the building in front of me when I punch-in every morning.
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