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Full Version: The Devil's Drink
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BANNED in France 93 years ago for its ability to make famous artists cut their ears off and still banned in the US and other countries, the old ‘green fairy’ is making a comeback. The manufacture of the ‘wicked’ drink, made from the herb wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), is almost legendary in its Bohemian qualities to produce hallucinations in the drinker, induce erotic dreams and stir the creative muse in us all. So I had always wanted to try it.

The active ingredient in absinthe, which does the damage, is chop.gif, still outlawed in many countries, including the US, but since 1988 it has been legal for EU distillers once more to make the drink. Few, it seems, are able to replicate its original potency or subtlety as the French.
Richard chooses Les Fleurs du Mal from the famous erotic Baudelaire poems. I ask the owner to recommend me one. He gives me La Fée Parisienne, greener and more fragrant, smelling of a garden after rain. Of course we drink it without the traditional rituals, no burning sugar cube on a silver spoon through which to drip water to make it release its magic shaped clouds.…27&cat_id=1
Donnie Darko
You can't fix stupid.
You're right. Unless they drip water through a burning sugar cube, they'll never see the magic shaped clouds.
QUOTE(Donnie Darko @ Nov 26 2008, 01:34 PM) *

You can't fix stupid.

Weird, just finished watching Ron White 15 minutes ago on Comedy Central… Ha!
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