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Full Version: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
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synthetic buddhist
Hey there people, I might not be a man of Wealth but I probably have better Taste than you. I've done a bit of lurking but not a lot, some of y'all might know me from one of the *ahem* other forums. I guess I just can't get enough so here I is. Been drinking the green Crazy Juice for some years now, but much more avidly in the last couple. As far as Real Absinthe goes, I've had all the Jades, CLB, La Coquette, VdF, 1797, Doubs Mystique, Swiss Marteau, Brut D'alambic 3 and 4, Eich 68, yadda yadda yadda… Right about now I'm likin' that L'Itallienne. The day after tomorrow could be a whole 'nother story though.

Sooo, there you have it. Enough of it, anyway. Seeeeeeeya! w00t2.gif
Never heard of you. harhar.gif
Guru Antar Singh
Synthetic Buddhist is a perfect title for you; a Buddhist soiled by ego and pride, the polar opposites of everything a true Bodhisattva embodies.

Welcome and may your dick stay out of the dirt.
Welcome sb.
synthetic buddhist
My dick will be just fine, we'll see if you can keep your dirt off of it. harhar.gif
QUOTE(Absomphe @ Nov 26 2008, 07:20 PM) *

Never heard of you. harhar.gif

Ditto abs-cheers.gif
synthetic buddhist
Who the hell ARE you people? Smokin Monkey.gif

No devil-cheers smiley? How am I supposed to express myself?
Um, hello or something.
Somebody sed I'm very welcoming. So amuse me, thank you very much.
echo "Someone sed" | sed -e "s/sed/said/"

The Standard Deviant
$ echo "Don't be sad," && whoami
synthetic buddhist
does this holiday make me look fat? Cake.gif spam.gif Beer.gif
Singh has a point, head trips are cheap IPB Image
Welcome. You like absinthe, eh? I guess that's good.
synthetic buddhist
QUOTE(Nephrite @ Nov 28 2008, 12:36 AM) *

Singh has a point, head trips are cheap IPB Image

As is talk in general….?

yeah but they can accumulate in unsanitary places and eventually require surgical removal. Good to see your glowy little head, smiley hoarder.
Green Baron
Bat1.gif Damn, seems no one's heard of this guy. Not mention to even met him. Weird bastids they let in here these days. Prolly need some crosses and garlic. Or just some basil and a mace. Doracula.gif
synthetic buddhist
I eat garlic every day and I have a literal stack of bibles in my library, just so's you know. crow.gif
Welcome, good sir.
Green Baron
Well played buddha, well played.

I'll raise your crow.gif and see you a BlackSpider.gif
synthetic buddhist
Damn. I left my bag of Devil Cheers at work. I might have to sit this one out.
This one works just as well here…


or the ever popular


for the low tech luddites among us.
synthetic buddhist
Oh, man. Once I saw that one I had to restrain myself……but now that I've been officially,um, encouraged cdog-plain.gif !

I assume that's one of those greasy School Lunch donuts.

Where,dare I ask, did the Smokin' Monkey find its origin? He is only the latest in a long line of monkeys in my employ. I wouldn't want to release him for the wrong reasons……
QUOTE(synthetic buddhist @ Nov 29 2008, 03:14 PM) *

Where,dare I ask, did the Smokin' Monkey find its origin?

Dunno, but I suspect he harkens back to the dim times before monkeys learned to fly.
Green Baron

When using the cdog-plain.gif , be sure to add plenty of mustard. The doughnut aint greasy, the danger of chafing is very real.
The voice of experience. Care for the extra-spicy mustard?
Green Baron
Only if yer done with it. How's your rash?
synthetic buddhist
Dijon for me please.

These doctors, are they reputable? I'm dyin' ovah heah!
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