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Full Version: Absinthe featured in local magazine
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Funky D
A friend spotted this in a windowsill while we were bar hopping in Milwaukee a month ago. I was rambling about absinthe earlier in the evening, so he decided to pick it up. I passed it off as more green fairy hype at the time, but the article exceeded my expectations as I read through it the next morning.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out a local company, Great Lakes Distillery, is currently working on an absinthe of their own. I'm excited to taste what they have in the works… their "Rehorst Gin" has become one of my favorites.

Worth reading, if only for the last page, which features an interview with the distillers.

Unfortunately, I went to one of the bars listed in the article (Bad Genie Rock Lounge) for a glass of Lucid. They only had Mythe, and the bartender tried to start it on fire. The horror! In retrospect, the Mythe probably would have tasted better if it were on fire. And at least the bartender was attractive.

Linkage (5MB PDF):
Milwaukee Alcoholmanac Absinthe Article
If the bartender was attractive, that should have been plenty of reason to help explain the finer points, as well as the basics, about absinthe preparation. no-czechs3.gif
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